Big Tent Poetry–“Neon Kisses”

The rain came down

Submitted to Big Tent Poetry:  With thanks to Mallery for the first line/prompt.





Neon Kisses

I didn’t notice the color of your jacket
or your eyes.
Battered by rain and wind
we walked side-by-side.
Neon lights reflected on wet asphalt
blinked their messages in blurred colors.

Nor did I notice where you took me
or that we had to wait for hours.
Your words hung, suspended in air
like notes of a symphonic chorus,
at times harmonic chords,
reverberated, crashing down around me.

I didn’t notice that the rain had stopped,
leaving in the air a fragrant breath
of moon-fresh night.
Nor did I grasp the fact that when you left
the cold closed in, enveloped me like a shroud.

The only thing I hold in memory:
kisses. The taste you left upon my lips,
your touch,
your smile.

I am away till Tuesday–will visit other submissions when I get home.

Leonneyes Z to A Challenge—Z is for “Zayin”

Hebrew letter zayin

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Leonneyes is hosting a 26 day poetry challenge: Z to A at

In this challenge we are asked to choose a theme, based on the letters of the alphabet, in reverse order. Today’s letter is Z and the theme I have chosen is “Zayin“–one of the letters of the Hebrew Aleph Beit.

While I am a Christian, I have found the study of the Aleph Beit to be an enriching and prayerful experience. In Hebrew, the word for letter also means sign or wonder. The letters themselves are seen to embody power. Each letter is an archetype, expressing a specific creative energy. The letters lend themselves to prayer–for me, using them as a mantra is a helpful form of meditation. I apologise to my Jewish friends if I misrepresent Zayin.

An Acrostic

Zayin–sword, sabbath, time, seven–
Asks us to remember all that’s gone before.
Yield to the moment’s call to recreate ourselves.
Incisiveness, that clarity of vision safeguarding all that’s precious,
Needing to return to inner sabbath, to nourish peace.

Zayin, peaceful warrior.