The Curl II–dVerse OLN

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Last week, Amaya, in her first prompt as a member of the dVerse team, challenged us to write a response poem. I have chosen Toni’s (Kanzen Sakura) poem, The Curl, which she wrote during the difficult time of her mother’s illness. Since then, her mother has passed. During the same time, I went through the same thing with my sweet mother. So this response is for both of us. 


The Curl
Toni Spencer

the days have knit themselves
into a pattern of sameness—
an afghan in shades of grey.
like the winter sky and trees.
the elderly woman settles down to sleep.
the younger woman brushes the curls off
her forehead and whispers,
Sleep mama, sleep.

Used with permission of the author
Previously published in Chiaroscuro, a dVerse Anthology

The Curl, II
Response Poem, Victoria Slotto

slowly, it seems, those days unravel
from gray to gold to azure blue—
a curl of color, dazzling.
days of life, of spring and hope.
wrapped now in joy we cannot know
her daughter fashions words of love
into a quilt of memories.
Dance, mama, dance.

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Response to Fire and Ice

A Mongolian gazelle that has died of drought, ...

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This is a response poem–an answer back to Robert Frost’s poem that I used as an example in Meeting the Bar at dVerse Poets’ Pub. It’s a fun exercise you might want to try some time when nothing seems to be happening with your muse. Choose a poem and respond to the poet. That’s all there is to it.

Response to Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice
By Robert Frost

Some say the world
will end in fire.
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice
I think I know enough of hate
to say that for destruction ice
is also great
and would suffice.

What Do You Say, Robert?
By Victoria Ceretto-Slotto

I think the world will slowly expire,
no need for ice, nor even fire.
I fear Mother Earth will die of neglect,
with a whimper, a sigh
I suspect
she will quietly

War Letters–NaPoWriMo Day 5

The Letter

NaPoWriMo’s prompt for day 5 asked us to respond to a poem written by another NaPoWriMo participant. I’ve chose this one, written by Mike Patrick:

Elizabeth, I Love You
by Mike Patrick  2011

From his pack he drew his ink,
a lone parchment and a quill
and laid them out beside him
in the mud upon the hill.

Moments before, he’d felt it;
with a thud the bullet struck,
dropping him onto the ground
where he lay there in the muck.

The cannons roared about him,
and the Minié balls whizzed by,
as he penned his last letter,
for Elizabeth’s goodbye.

Elizabeth, I love you,
and this heart within me cries
for the sight of you again
and the light within your eyes.

So young we were when married,
yet you made the perfect wife.
We didn’t know the drums of war
would bring agony and strife.

You placed a candle, facing south,
from the highest window sill,
to guide me when I return,
if should that be our God’s will.

This war that kept me from you
now forever keeps me here.
The moments which are passing
are the last for me my dear.

I pray you’ll find another,
Your life cannot be as one.
Blow out the guiding candle;
remember me to our son.

Elizabeth’s Letter
by Victoria Ceretto-Slotto 2011

The letter that you sent to me
I gave our son today.
The years have fled, but you were close.
Now, he must go away.

I never thought my heart would mend
the day I read your words.
But, for his sake, I did survive.
The years passed in a blur.

Eventually, I found someone—
the heart has room for love.
Our child knew that his father
was caring from above.

To him you are a hero,
he wants to be like you.
You would be proud of how he’s grown
to value all that’s true.

I’ve known a love like yours, my dear,
and then to have another—
More blessed am I than many
as wife and friend and mother.

Like you, his dad, our son is strong
and cherishes liberty
for which you gave your life, your all
so that we may all be free.

Today our boy must go to war–
your letter in his pack.
Another candle’s burning now.
Please guide him, bring him back.

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