Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Mythology


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From the earliest times and across cultures we had storytellers…often held in high esteem. Spoken at first, then etched in caves and finally put into written text, our stories or myths have sought to delve into the deepest mysteries: How did we get here? Who made us? Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence?

Over the ages, our myths gave form to cultural beliefs and sometimes evolved into religions. What is sacred truth to me may be myth to you, and vice versa yet somehow we are alike in our quest for the absolute.

Comparisons of our stories show amazing similarities across cultures. Parallels in creation stories, flood myths and many others seem to live in our DNA, or, as Jung would say, in the Collective Unconscious.

For today’s prompt, let’s write–in poetry or prose–about a myth that resonates for you. You may want to include a brief process note, to share the bare bones of the story you are re-telling.

When you have posted your work, copy and paste the link to your site in Mr. Linky, then spend a few moments reading others’ works. And let’s not forget to honor and enjoy one another’s Sacred Point of View. I hope you enjoy this prompt and perhaps learn more about our stories.

Welcome to Nevada–dVerse Poetics

welcome-sign Nevada || Willkommens-Schild Nevada

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A bit of a tongue-in cheek offering for dVerse Poetics in which we are asked to write a Taboo poem…not something that I’m comfortable with. But here it is. Check out some more poetry to get your blood boiling at and thanks to Sheila Moore and Kellie Elmore for shoving us out of our comfort zones.

welcome to

home of cowgirls
and cowboys
home of the
thinking folk
like me
beholden to none
no government
handouts please
wide open space
the land and the
libertarian ideas
(although I don’t
like the idea of
legalizing marijuana
I tried it once
but didn’t inhale)
personal responsibility
means not spending
money you don’t have
and caring for
those in need because
it’s the right thing
to do
welcome to nevada
if you dare
this is not
deal with it.

Nevada has always been known for its independent spirit until the last few years. Leading the pack in legalizing gambling, prostitution, strong libertarian leanings, we polled 12% for Ron Paul in the last presidential election. Recently demographics have changed. Builders over-populated our cities so that we lead the country in foreclosures. There has been an influx of people who could no longer afford life in California and who came here in search of better things but then defaulted on their loans. Nevada also leads the country in unemployment (13.4% as of Aug.2011)  since in time of economic distress, tourism is waning and tax revenues have declined. We are hurting. I’ve been here since 1993 and, yes, I’m one of those “Californicators.”

An important part of my belief system comes from the Native American tradition of respecting one another’s Sacred Point of View. Let’s do it!

Coexist–dVerse Poetics

outside the window
branches of the maple
stir in autumn’s breath

emerald green and forest
cache vermillion leaves
complement each other

differences delight
need not disdain

Today at dVerse Poetics, Brian Miller asks us to consider bumper stickers. I’m not a bumper sticker person, although I hold strong-enough opinions on certain topics. I prefer to consider the wisdom of Native American Spirituality that invites us to honor each person’s Sacred Point of View. I have found richness in many belief systems and that has only served to nourish my own.

 I hope you will take time to stop by the pub at dVerse  to enjoy the company of fellow poets and their take on this theme.