Monday Meanderings–On Keeping a Journal

This is a post from a long while back. I’ll give you an update at the end.

I’ve been keeping a journal for longer than many of you have been alive. Right now, my journals fill up the better part of a book-case. I don’t revisit them and have no idea what to do with them but some force compels me to hold on.

Perhaps the day will come when I’ll peel out the earliest tome and peruse the state of my soul way back when. I know the journey will lead me through angst, joy, guilt and growth. That’s it. I hope the growth will be the theme I take away.

For the most part my journals consist of the insights and roadblocks I’ve met on my spiritual journey. My dreams are there, too–along with my understanding (at the time) of the messages they’ve imparted. There are periods of time when I journal every day, and then there’s a drought where there’s nothing at all.

I have a smaller stack of writing journals, too. Notebooks overflowing with ideas, descriptions, outlines, writing how-to’s–you name it. Those I have revisited and culled a line here or a description there that makes its way into a poem or short story.

In a way, I guess, posting on a blog is a form of journaling–but doesn’t allow the freedom you have when what you’re writing is a part of your “secret diary.” I don’t think a journal should be shared or written with anyone else in mind except yourself.

If you haven’t tried this practice, I suggest taking a look at “The Artist’s Way.” Journaling is an asset, not only to the spiritual journeyer, but also to the writer, poet, artist–the creative spirit within you.

Journaling remains an important part of my life. I try to maintain a practice of three 8.5 X 11 pages daily, as recommended in “The Artist’s Way. In the meantime, I have begun those re-visits with an eye toward the growth that’s happened and that which still awaits me. I have notice, perhaps as a function of easing toward the end of life, there is more gratitude, less striving and more self-acceptance.

Have a happy week with pen and pencil whether you’re writing for yourself, or penning under the influence of your muse for the delight of all. Creativity rules!



Susan Boyle and her Dream

Our dogs got us Susan Boyle’s CD for Christmas. We stayed up and listened to it and I followed the lyrics along with Susan’s comments, written on the insert. It struck me how her accomplishment propelled her from depression and a sense of failure into a place of serenity and gratitude.

Then I thought about the rest of us. My guess is that many of us grapple with self esteem issues and dark remembrances of our past, difficult moments in childhood. Perhaps we were the victims of ridicule, bullying or outright abuse. But most of us will not know the type of achievement that Susan has attained.

It strikes me that we need to find strength and love within ourselves–the knowledge that we are loved–knowing that forgiveness is there for us and invites us to offer the same gift to ourselves.

I would love to see my novel in print, to know some measure of success. But I pray that, no matter what, I will be content to be who I am, to love myself and to accept the love that God and my support system offer me.

Susan, blessings to you as you continue to live your dream. I love you for who you are and am grateful for your gift to us.