Sensational Haiku Wednesday–The Ace of Cups


The Ace of Cups
A Haiku

You can swim freestyle,
surging through troubled waters,
taking charge of life.

I prefer to float,
gently borne upon a wave,
surrendered to grace.

Submitted to Sensational Haiku Wednesday:  This week’s theme is freestyle. Stop by and enjoy some great poetry a la haiku.

Sensational Haiku Wednesday–“Ascension”

A Tribute to the Courage of the Miners in Chile
A Haiku

Painted steel bullet
shot from the bowels of the earth
dark path to freedom.

Buried deep inside
find treasures or transgressions
consciousness un-mined.

We are like miners
thoughts inching toward the surface
blinded by light.


Submitted to Sensational Haiku Wednesday–Theme: Paths

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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

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Walk in Their Shoes if You Can

Shoe fly pie. No, Shoo.
Amish food, faith and living:
Tasty and simple.

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Sensational Haiku Wednesday