Garbage Day–Poetry Potluck and NaPoWriMo Day 10

March 7 - Wind Blown Recycling

Image by Scott Hamlin via Flickr

Submitted to Poetry Potluck: for the theme of 

Environment, Evolution and Survival 




 Garbage Day

We roam the neighborhood,
the dogs and I,
on garbage day—
a day of wind and
every kind of March weather
all at once.

Litter nestles between the curb and
winter-damaged asphalt.

I carry small pouches to pick up dog poop,
(the ones the city provides
at the entrance to the park
on our street near the river).
In my left coat pocket—a plastic sack,
from Wal-Mart, to seal the
little ones tight.

Smashed on the sidewalk,
a plastic container
informs me of the nutritional
value of a single portion of applesauce.
I grab it and the caffeine-free
diet Pepsi can
from the middle of the street.

Confetti clutters a lawn—
shredded financial documents.
Detritus of people’s lives
(Upper Middle Class Waste)
defiles our surroundings.

Two doors down,
cardboard boxes from Costco
wait on the curb—
purchasing power folded into
squares and rectangles.

A lid with Xerox
stamped in red, over and over again,
leans against the mailbox
in my rose garden.
I chuck it in my Waste
Management receptacle.

In the house, I make rounds,
gather our rubbish,
chuck a cylindrical cardboard package,
emptied of individual plastic cups of Crystal Light,
share the shame.

I chosen to use Poetry Potluck’s theme for NaPoWriMo This old brain can only produce so much poetry and, to be honest, this is a rewrite. It is, after all, a day of rest!