Small Stones and Sounds

A Collection of Small Stones and Sounds

At the Service Station in Bishop, CA

Surrounded by utility trucks
WasteManagement picking up garbage
a gaggle of hunters in camouflage
Drowning in testosterone
Get me out of here.
-January 2

Driving the Great Basin

Bare-branched oaks stretch
on a bright winter’s day.
Ghosts drape from their limbs.
-January 3

Owens Valley

“Little Lake” surprises
in the midst of arid land.
She shed her aqua garment for mossy green.
Ducks bob on her wrinkly surface.
-January 4


This morning,
heaven’s artisan chose a feathered brush.
Paints whispy clouds.
-January 5

Driving the water hazard.
Plop. Splash. Ooops.
Be humble.
-January 7

Photo: D. Slotto

Linking to dVerse Poetics, where Sheila Moore’s article and prompt deals with onomatopoeia.  So, I took the short poems I had jotted down for River of Stones and made a bit of noise!

Fire: dVerse Poetics

Moon Rising in the Rocky Mountain Wild Fire #40

Image by Striking Photography by Bo via Flickr


 In my dream,

spot-fires bleed across the foothills,

crest on the summit,

swoop into our valley.


In the morning,

when I awaken,

you are gone.

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago. The night before last, the first stanza actually happened. You may have read of the horrendous wind-fueled fires we had here in Reno yesterday…not far from me. (The second stanza is fictional).

I believe that fire, like change, is a natural part of nature’s cycle–a force that destroys the old and useless to make way for new growth. As much as I hate to think of destruction, we need that friction of two sticks rubbing together to generate creativity.

Coincidently, our charming hostess, Sheila Moore, offers up a prompt about change at dVerse Poetics today. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to spend the evening, drop on by and bring a poem of your own. You won’t be disappointed!

Welcome to Nevada–dVerse Poetics

welcome-sign Nevada || Willkommens-Schild Nevada

Image by paraflyer via Flickr

A bit of a tongue-in cheek offering for dVerse Poetics in which we are asked to write a Taboo poem…not something that I’m comfortable with. But here it is. Check out some more poetry to get your blood boiling at and thanks to Sheila Moore and Kellie Elmore for shoving us out of our comfort zones.

welcome to

home of cowgirls
and cowboys
home of the
thinking folk
like me
beholden to none
no government
handouts please
wide open space
the land and the
libertarian ideas
(although I don’t
like the idea of
legalizing marijuana
I tried it once
but didn’t inhale)
personal responsibility
means not spending
money you don’t have
and caring for
those in need because
it’s the right thing
to do
welcome to nevada
if you dare
this is not
deal with it.

Nevada has always been known for its independent spirit until the last few years. Leading the pack in legalizing gambling, prostitution, strong libertarian leanings, we polled 12% for Ron Paul in the last presidential election. Recently demographics have changed. Builders over-populated our cities so that we lead the country in foreclosures. There has been an influx of people who could no longer afford life in California and who came here in search of better things but then defaulted on their loans. Nevada also leads the country in unemployment (13.4% as of Aug.2011)  since in time of economic distress, tourism is waning and tax revenues have declined. We are hurting. I’ve been here since 1993 and, yes, I’m one of those “Californicators.”

An important part of my belief system comes from the Native American tradition of respecting one another’s Sacred Point of View. Let’s do it!


In my dream
swollen waves
surge upon the sand,
mount craggy cliffs,
swamp the earth.

Today I look
upon a mirror of
still water.
Beneath the surface
roil sleeping monsters.

Submitted to dVerse Poets’ Pub for Open Link Night. The poem is also a response to Friday’s Poetics…I was late linking up. Thanks to Sheila Moore for the prompt on Water.