I Am Haiku–Response to Monday Morning Writing Prompt

Branch of Flowering White Jasmine

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For the Monday Morning Writing Prompt I challenged us to write a poem that personified an object. Then on Wordsmith Wednesday, we reflected on Haiku. That post submerged me once again in Jane Hirschfield’s exquisite book on poetry: Nine Gates–Entering the Mind of Poetry. And so follows my response.

I Am Haiku

I am your poem
holding this moment in time
jasmine’s sweet fragrance

If you haven’t already read Wednesday’s post, perhaps you will find it useful. If nothing else, may it tempt you to read Hirschfield’s book.

Here’s a short quote from the chapter The Myriad Leaves of Words: “…(haiku’s) brevity reminds us of the nature of time and our relationship to it, but their strong roots in the particular clarify that our fleeting lives do not simply happen and vanish, they take place in the physical world; take place in the current of lived events; take place within a consciousness of interconnected being that is deeply Buddhist and within a sense of permeating aliveness fundamentally Shinto. ” Jane Hirschfield, Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry