Desert Love



I was so young
when first I walked the desert
alone, of an early morning.
When first I learned
those sands were anything
but barren.
When first I fell in love
with tiny pink blossoms
twinning between prickly vines
that hid beneath a boulder.

Written for National Poetry Month 2014–Day 5

Monday Meanderings–Nervous Breakdowns and the Internet

Photo Credit: Victoria Slotto

Photo Credit: Victoria Slotto

Greetings from Palm Desert where I’m trying to grab a bit of solitude for writing purposes. I’ve discovered an inherent bipartisanship between Time Warner (the Internet provider here) and Charter (my e-mail provider). They can’t seem to come together on anything…sound familiar?

I’m not one to ascribe blame like so many in the world of politics do. Both sides of an opinion or ideology have valid points, as well as those that are the product of skillfully spun untruths or exaggerations. Mind you, I won’t sit back and be passive. I’ll vote and express my opinion to those who should do something about it, but most often ignore my views. But here I am…sunk in the sludge of politics when I’m really talking about ISP’s who seem to forget the service part. Gee, that sounds like politics too, dosen’t it?

There, I just saved this document since the one I’d written before is somewhere in cyper-space…along with a few e-mails I’ve tried to receive or send, and the one that translated itself into Greek.

Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m living in a world of uncertainty for a few days, learning to live with ambiguity and, perhaps a bit more solitude than I’d planned on. If you see me, you’ll know my two opposing Internet entities have achieved detente. If not, I’m off spinning poetry and stories for a later date. And that may not be such a bad thing.

One goal I had was to do a bit of tweaking with my blog, set up new pages, refine it a bit. Perhaps all parties will behave as they are at the moment and that will happen. Perhaps I’ll be able to link to dVerse and other blogs. Perhaps not.

And maybe I’ll just need to chuck the whole project till I get home and go out, enjoy the gorgeous weather we have right now and play some more golf. Or dream!

Photo Credit: David Slotto

Photo Credit: David Slotto


A very short one for Claudia’s wonderful prompt of solitude for dVerse Poetics. Sorry to be almost absent from the computer these days.

Photo Credit: via Google Images


Meditation is like
You have to show up
or nothing happens.

Two Twenty-Six

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Two twenty-six
(a new moon night)
I stumble to the kitchen.

My flashlight plays
on unfamiliar surfaces,
creates images,

suggests invasion
by artifacts
unknown to me.

I fumble for the kettle.
Blue flames explode,
lick seductively.

Steeping chamomile
shares soothing
sleep-inducing scents

while I peek through
the blinds.
On the cul-de-sac

behind us
a street light spills
across the pavement.

Aside from that
the world lolls
in darkest stillness.

Alone, I sip my tea.
I sip solitude.

Thank you Claudia, at dVerse Meeting the Bar, for the prompt to write a poem in the manner of the Impressionistic Artists. Quick brush strokes, the play of light, and mood…move over Monet.  I hope you will join us at the Poetry Pub and bring along your own masterpiece.