Sunday 160–To Awaken

Photo: David Slotto

Submitted to Monkey Man’s Sunday 160:  In which you submit a poem or short prose using exactly 160 characters, including spaces.

To Awaken

If so awake
to feel each drop of rain
pummeling my body,
to hear my lover’s
gentle snores,
to see rays of
sun bounce off my
dog’s white fuzz—
would I
explode in ecstasy?

The little dog in this photo, a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier, was named Ascot. He was our first (of five). He lived with us sixteen years until he died, two years ago, the day after Thanksgiving. We miss him!

Sunday 160–“Joy”

Photo: David Slotto

A hummingbird descends,
drinks honey.
Blankets of feathers
stagger across red
silken breast.
Ladles of nectar
slip down
his tawny throat,
sweeten the
pain of
Mother Earth.

Submitted to Monkey Man’s Sunday 160 in which you have 160 characters including spaces to write a poem or flash fiction. 

This is so out-of-season here (snow outside) but it doesn’t hurt to remember!

Sunday 160–“Halloween”

Sunday 160 in which you post prose or a poem consisting of exactly 160 characters. See for yourself and join the fun:


Monsters troll
the ‘hood.
Winds howl, leaves crunch,
Hubby lurks on the porch,
cigar, red wine, a mask
(Albert Einstein)
watches sports
on a laptop.
I’m warm, inside.

Sunday 160–“Railroad Crossing”

A block away
the Truckee flows.
On the far side
of the river,
a train calls.
Warning us
Take care!
Or, perhaps inviting us.
the myopic
you have created.

Submitted to Monkey Man’s Sunday 160

Sunday 160–“El Shaddai”*


Photo: David Slotto


Just enough coffee to jump-start the day.
quiet time to remember
why I’m here—
soul nourishment to survive.
Enough goodness to share.
Life enough for learning love.

*In Hebrew, the word Shad means “breast” and Dai means “enough.” El Shaddai is one of the holy names of  God and alludes to the sufficiency of the Divine. Its attribution suggests the feminine aspects of God.

Originally submitted for Monkey Man’s Sunday 160 in which your entry is exactly 160 characters, including spaces. Check it out at

Submitted once again for Big Tent Poetry on 12/3/10–this week’s prompt is to write a poem to the theme of “Enough.”

Sunday 160: Fear


Credit: David Slotto 2010

A new path invites.
Does it lead to a meadow
or an abyss?
I hesitate.
Fear surrounds me.
If I follow
will I be free
or will darkness
envelope me?
If I refuse to enter
is beauty to be
lost forever?

This poem is for Sunday 160 sponsored by Monkey Man. The photo was taken yesterday on our morning walk. The path is our access to the Truckee River Walk.