i went ahead and opened the window anyway

Photo: fab40s.uk.com

Photo: fab40s.uk.com

my embarrassed dog begged me
never to take him to that groomer again.
“i may be cute,” he said, but come on…
bows? i’m a manly mutt.

he concurred with the timid window
who pleaded with me to pull the shades
so she could enjoy the seclusion of her own room.

the lingerie drawer, also fearful of being opened,
thus disclosing the no-longer skimpy contents
of her confines said, “you don’t want to show
those ugly things to the whole world, do you?”

while the laundry basket, not at all enthralled
with her contents retorted,
“you think you have problems?!”

i escaped to my office where a lusty canvas waited,
craving to be slathered with color.

but a joyful book, my new novel—finally completed—
gloated, knowing that he had commanded
all my attention.

there, on the desk, moped a melancholy apple
longing to be consumed
and a glass of crisp chardonnay, a confused wine,
just couldn’t understand this poem.

so the delighted feather
was tickled by the whole affair.

Photo: pbs.com

Photo: pbs.com

What a fun prompt Marina Sofia has given us for today’s dVerse Poetics. Stop on over for a few laughs and bring one of your own.

I’m back home at last, easing into normalcy but with some catching up to do. Hope to be hanging around the poetry pub a bit more.

the saxophone and itzhak perlman–dVerse Poetics II

Artist: Cindy McTee

Artist: Cindy McTee

the saxophone and itzhak perlman



that blues brother’s guy plays an alto sax while
itzhak slides his bow across medusa’s snakes
playing “(black) swan lake.


pas de deux


hansel, wearing tights too tight
(he really shouldn’t)
dances the nutcracker—sweet
gingerbread, tries to lure that
dragon-lady, ice-queen, witch away
from the oven before gretel becomes toast!

2/2/cut time

poe’s raven caws “nevermore, nevermore”
to the half-time beat of the metronome
while that crazy old dude in the third
row back, center seat can’t stop clapping.

game point

then my wife, the old bat, comes in
waving last night’s empty bottle of vodka
“i told you so, bacchus, you ass.”


Photo: Jim Varney

Photo: Jim Varney

My second response to the dVerse Poetics prompt for story-telling. There are a few of the cues in this one: a dragon, a bat, a greek god, a black swan, a nutcracker, a man who can’t stop clapping, a bluesmen playing a saxophone, Hansel and Gretel, the Icequeen, an old liquor bottle, a raven and a metronome.

I hope you will visit us at dVerse Poetics and also check out my other poem, posted earlier.