one of the suspects was a woman.

Photo: Labeled for reuse

Photo: Labeled for reuse

one of the suspects was a woman

if hell smells like sulpher, then
hate tastes of darkest nights.
terror creeps along like snail slime,
the touch of fear—a jelly fish sting.
pissez lâ-dessus, il m’a dit.

i sit transfixed watching death unfold
blood red tears seep into
sweetest pools of starlight.

does fear smell like gray smoke?
glass shards shatter hope,
slice through gentle hearts.

warmth streams down my legs
while bodies still like prone
in blue-green puddles

and there–an orphaned 6-month old.

Please join me at dVerse Meeting the Bar where I am hosting a prompt on synesthesia.  The doors to the Poetry Pub open at 3:00 PM EST. I’d planned on writing a nature-based poem but at the moment, this is more reflective on reality–sadly–a bit surreal like the news.

I will visit you as soon as possible, but I have been having a lot of Internet issues, so I ask for your patience.

Of Dying

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the wind you touch that rages through the pass,
molesting water’s edge and raping valleys.

the minor notes that dance upon the stage.
You see the grief they howl in tones of bitter gray.

the whisper of a cloud that weaves its song of hope.
She speaks to you of shadows and of light.

the taste of petals swirling in the morn
that settle in their final rest beneath the cherry tree.

the scent of endings—sweet fragrance letting go of earth
and all it knows—wafting toward new beginnings.

This is my submission to dVerse Meeting the Bar in response to the prompt I offered: to write a poem using synesthesia–that is, mixing up or mingling sensory experience. I hope you will stop by with a poem of your own. The pub will open for Meeting the Bar Thursday, 3 PM EDT. There you will find a more complete explanation of this poetic technique. It’s fun to play with!