Textures–Response to Monday Morning Writing Prompt

Candy Carousel Horse

Image by nhanusek via Flickr


About five-thirty
the morning of Friday before
light spills through blinds,
pools into discrete
silver puddles
at the foot of my bed.

Through the half-moon window
near the ceiling,
swatches of gray satin
unfurl across the sky.
Tears in the fabric
allow slices of blue to
peek through,
toss hope in my face.

In that shadowy space between
asleep and awake
ideas pelt my brain
so I can’t escape back into
my dream about the circus
where I rode barefoot,
standing on the rough coat
of a white mare.
I slip into awareness.

Cold smooth wood
greets my feet as I stand
and yawn.
My dog
shakes her silky fur, glares at
me for interrupting her dreams.

We stretch, enter the day,
touch life.

This is my response to the writing prompt I posted on Monday at: https://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/monday-morning-writing-prompt-daylight-savings-time/