Armageddon in Slo-Mo

A tornado near Seymour, Texas

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This is a poem posted some months ago, just after the May 21st predictions of the endtimes. Today, over at dVerse, Mark Kerstetter invites us to reflect on endings and beginnings. Because of the flurry of rumors about the end of the world in 2012, I thought this might be appropriate.

Be sure to join us over at dVerse for an amazing, poetic New Year’s Eve celebration. And if you do plan on going out tonight, please be safe. Happy 2012 to all my poet friends.

Armageddon in Slo-Mo

It didn’t come quickly as predicted
on a fair spring day in May.
Rather, cutting a wide swath
across the center of our land
it sucked up souls, one at a time
like a street-sweeper.

Today, further to the North
floodwaters seep through the pores
of nature’s edematous limbs,
defying her well-defined boundaries.

Somewhere in an untouched corner
of the world, an old lady pulls
cheatgrass from her garden,
prepares to plant nasturtium
and wonders if this is the year
that she will die.