I-395 Mojave to Reno–Poetry Potluck

Desert wildflowers

Image by °Florian via Flickr

Submitted to Poetry Potluck: http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/ where the theme for this week is Traveling, Trips, Vacations. This poem was written last year on our return trip to Reno in May.

I-395 Mojave to Reno

Opening lines of poems
I would write
if I didn’t have to drive:

The Artist slopped his paint
across the Mojave Desert…

Purple and yellow, orange and blue,
complementary palettes…

A mound of red and black lava:
a dinosaur slipping into extinction…

Owen’s lake in cool colors:
blue on blue, silver white…

The difference between stark and extravagant =
January + 4 months – winter…

Snow presides on Mount Whitney
while Lone Pine lounges in its shadows…

To be continued
or completed.

A Few Days without the Net

Everything’s packed and ready to go. Any minute now they will turn off our Internet service. But Mother Nature may have different ideas.

I will continue to write my small stones and prepare Wordsmith Wednesday to post when we arrive. But if I seem to be in absentia for a few days, you will know we are somewhere between here and there. (I’m sure this could be a metaphor for something.)

Our Destination--Photo: David Slotto 2010