Weekly Rentals

Detail of rusty 1960s Chevy Impala parked in t...

Detail of rusty 1960s Chevy Impala parked in the French Quarter of New Orleans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still there.
Two bikes lean against
brick walls confining poverty.
One, a child’s—
–rusty like the 70’s
Chevy out in front
(rusty, too,
and dented).

At Christmas,
tattered garland hung
on bent Venetian blinds.
The windows,
(overseers of an empty
parking lot)

smudged with finger prints.

Back then I thought
about the child. Thought
about the presents I could
buy, if only…
if only I knew a little more.

If only I’d take the time.

On Cemetery Road,
across the way,
clients fare far better.
Manicured lawns.
Marble facades.
No fear of cold.
Perhaps next time I’ll stop.
Perhaps next time.

Before it gets too cold.

Process note: Sadly, Reno is a city of extremes: extreme beauty and far-reaching poverty.  Unemployment in Nevada is highest in the nation, (over 13%) as is the foreclosure rating. Because of the economic times, people can’t afford to visit the casinos, thus many workers have lost their jobs. Nevada is turning its efforts to promoting its outdoors attractions (Tahoe, skiing, Kayaking etc… The family that lives in this weekly rental has been there way too long. I’ve never seen anyone–only the telltale signs of habitation.

For dVerse Open Link Night, hosted this week by the wonderful, though jet-lagged, Joe Hesch. Chances are, if you stop by the Pub, he’ll be so tired he’ll pour a little extra into that poetry shot glass.

Although I’m back from my blogging break (withdrawal was too hard) I am needing to cut back a bit. But I’ll be around, enjoying your company and your work, as often as I can.