Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Labor Day

United States or Soviet?

Image by Jo Peattie via Flickr

Today, in the USA, we celebrate Labor Day–a day that honors the role that work plays in our lives and a festivity that marks the end of summer vacation.

For today’s prompt, write a poem, essay or short fiction about work. Perhaps you would like to write about your own job, or your dream job. You may want to honor the value of work.or share your experience of unemployment. If you’re a student, how do you envision your life in the work force? If you are a stay-at-home mom or domestic engineer, tell us about your contribution to your home and family. Do you want to gripe or tell us a funny story about your experience at work? The field is wide open for plowing.

Please link your poem using Mr. Linky and take a few moments to visit other participants. Thanks for joining and happy Labor Day.

Monday Morning Writing Prompt 9-5-10

Today in the U.S.A. we celebrate Labor Day. It marks the end of the traditional season for summer vacation. School children return to class and signs of colder weather begin to creep in to our awareness.

For today’s prompt, I’d like you to consider the topic of work. Manual labor, industry, health care, education, manufacturing. Whatever. Perhaps you’d like to visit your own current or past work situation or that of someone close to you. Write your thoughts in prose or poetry and add a link to your blog or website so that others may share in your reflections. (Trust me, if you are looking to increase visitors to your pages, you will.)

This is a poem I wrote a while back. It’s a look at nursing (my profession) from the other side of the gurney.

The Other Side 

I watch her hurry by—

features drawn.

An aura of anger

thrusts her forward

like a rocket booster.

Too many patients?

She doesn’t glance my way.

No time to read my pain.

Fear closes in on me.

Rigid steel

cradles my aching body.