Winter is Past, A Novel


Have you noticed that, after a particularly harsh winter, spring unfolds in even greater beauty? So it is with life. This story of Claire Bergano’s winter, tinged with fear and grief, speaks to her unflagging courage and hope. Claire draws upon her inner strength, to face personal change and a secret from her childhood. She builds upon strong friendships, mends a faltering familial relationship and forms new bonds. A story of spring manifesting in the life of a young woman, Winter is Past invites the reader to believe in the promise of rebirth.

Book Club Recommended: Winter is Past offers insight into the process and benefits of organ transplantation and is strongly recommended for health care providers and persons dealing with organ transplants in their own life. The author is an RN and recipient of a kidney from a former co-worker and friend.

2011, Lucky Bat Books


Beating the Odds: Support for Persons with Early Stage Dementia


As our population ages, so does the incidence of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. In this concise article, the author shares practical tips for persons who are grappling with the early stages of this spectrum of disorders.

Gleaned from her many years as a Registered Nurse working primarily with the elderly, Ms. Slotto writes from a more personal experience. As her own mother faced early stages of dementia, the two devised practical steps to help her remain independent for as long as possible, in a safe environment. The author offers memory prompts, health care considerations, ideas to help one find meaning in life, suggestions for preparing for the future and more.

Though addressed to the person facing loss of memory, this article will be of immense value to family members and loved ones.

Kindle Article (3122 Words) and Illustrations


Cover Art: V. Slotto Photo: D. Slotto

  Cover Art: V. Slotto
Photo: D. Slotto

Jacaranda Rain: Collected Poems, 2012

Inspired by nature, spirituality and many years of working with persons at the end of life, Victoria C. Slotto offers her first collection of poetry, written during 2012. Included are fifty-four pieces, in both free form and form poetry. Victoria dedicates this volume to poetess Mary Oliver, whose work influences her writing, as well as her delight in living.

Create Space, 2013

Amazon Kindle,  2nd edition pending


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