Sweet World–dVerse OLN

Why should a tree be so sweet and live
in this world?
Mary Oliver
“Honey Locust”

Sweet World
a Quadrille

We walk below low-hanging branches,
variegated leaves hang heavy on her boughs
dabbed randomly with bright yellow green
splotches of wondrous watercolor whimsy.

On high, two woodpeckers play percussion.
Lacy tickle-leaves tease us with whisper touches.
We taste the sweetness of this blessed moment.

We have an abundance of these lovely trees in our neighborhood.

We have an abundance of these lovely trees in our neighborhood.

Today’s the day to hang around dVerse–it’s Open Link Night where you are invited to share any poetic form, any topic that pleases you. I love the discipline and surprises that the quadrille offers–a poem of exactly 44 words. Please join us at the pub.

Her Majesty–Haibun Monday

Image: Wikipedia Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse

Image: Wikipedia
Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse

Her Majesty
a Haibun

Whoa, it is hot and dry here in the Truckee Meadows. The leaves on our tomato plants get droopy unless David takes care in watering them daily, or more often. But the fruit on the vine blushes, then reddens—kissed by the high desert sunshine. Sagging, dried out day lilies need constant deadheading and even the intrepid evening primrose drops its lovely pink blooms. I’ve missed the brilliant orange flashes of orioles, which have migrated to cooler climes. They came morning and evening to drink of the nectar we provide—bees and even a few wasps have moved in as their replacement.

Evening breeze offers relief and nighttime temperatures plummet. We sleep with open windows, disturbed only by the wail of passing trains on the other side of the Truckee. Up early to walk the dogs and do garden chores before the heat descends.

Last week I made my way up the winding road to the cool of the lake and made a new friend.

Tahoe waits on high.
Winding roads give way to blue.
She hides her secrets.

(Note: the average water temperature of Lake Tahoe about 68 degrees F at the surface, 39 degrees deeper. Too often people will be careless, not wear life jackets and quickly die of hypothermia. This happened last month when a UNR football player died in a jet ski incident. They searched for days but were unable to find his body.)

Written for Toni’s prompt for Monday Haibun—Heat—at dVerse Poet’s Pub. Please join us.

objectivity…or not?

Photo: Wikipedia Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse

Photo: Wikipedia
Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse

objectivity…or not

it used to be that the media—
newspapers, radio and TV
dealt in truth.

today I read novels,
listen to classical music
and watch the beauty of a sunset.

do you vote?


A Sevenling for yesterday’s prompt at dVerse Poet’s Pub where Gayle interviewed former team member, Anthony, and concluded a wonderful week of 5th Anniversary Celebration Interviews. I’m too late for the Link.

Music at Lake Tahoe

Photo: Victoria Slotto Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Photo: Victoria Slotto
Lake Tahoe, Nevada

music at lake tahoe

wind soughs her songs through tops of pines
a lone songbird joins in, counterpoint, riffs in three-quarter time
my heart crashes like symbols, in time with lake-ripples

we share words, poetry, a cool glass of raspberry tea
three hours—too brief a time for all we want to share
so we speak allegro con dolce, pianissimo—and we listen

words sigh away, diminuendo, as i descend the mountain, alone

Musical Notations
allegro: quickly
con dolce: with gentleness
pianissimo: softly
diminuendo: fading away

De Jackson (whimsygismo) and I shared a lovely afternoon at Lake Tahoe last week. It was a joy to meet her face-to-face. I’ve written this for Day 2 of dVerse Poet Pub‘s 5th Anniversary Celebration where I’m hosting an interview with dVerse Co-Founder Claudia Schoenfeld and asking for a Sevenling written on the theme of music. I’ve included three paintings of Claudia’s which you may use for inspiration if you like. Please stop by and catch up with this talented poet/artist.


Photo: V. Slotto Lake Tahoe NV

Photo: De and Victoria Lake Tahoe, NV

Photo: De and Victoria
Lake Tahoe, NV





the delicate art of living–a quadrille at dVerse for Viv

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto, Leucistic Hummingbird, April 2011

the delicate art of living
a quadrille for Viv

my heart follows
as she flits, dances
from flower to bud
sipping with joy
of life’s abundant nectar,

savoring each moment
of this brief séjour,
leaving behind
such sweetness of word-pollen,

placing with care each stitch
into the textured,
colorful fabric
of life’s journey

Today, our first day back at dVerse Poets’ Pub, we are thinking of our friend, Viv, who we lost while we were on break. The prompt is to write a Quadrille, a poem of exactly 44 words, that includes the word JOURNEY.

Some of Viv's Quilts found on her blog

Some of Viv’s Quilts found on her blog

Have You Ever?–Poetic Blooming, Day 9

zalazasunca.com  Labeled for Noncommercial reuse

Labeled for Noncommercial reuse

Have You Ever?

Have you ever
stretched out, belly down, on tickle-green grass
to commune with a lady bug?

Have you ever
climbed a tree to be closer to clouds scudding
across a cerulean sky?

Have you ever
tipped-toed through meadow grass, barefooted,
following the song of running water?

Have you ever
tried to count stars, looking for the one
that winks at you?

Have you ever
tasted a rock, a daisy or light, hoping
to become one with nature, with God?

I have.

Written for and linked to Poetic Bloomings Day 9, where the prompt was to write a poem about clouds.  As for walking barefoot in the meadow–don’t do it. We were scolded by a forest service employee because the place was full of rattlers! The follies of youth.