Surrendur–dVerse Haibun Monday

Photo: Labeled for noncommercial reuse.

Photo: Labeled for noncommercial reuse.


“When he fixed the foundations of the earth,
then was I beside him as artisan;
I was his delight day by day,
playing before him all the while.”

Proverbs 8: 29-30

In 2008, we returned home from the Southern California desert with rattled nerves, having experienced a 7.3 earthquake centered not far from us. Our expectation of relief shattered immediately. Reno was experiencing swarms of temblors, upward of 100 daily. True, they were not that large on the Richter scale, but because they were caused, most likely, by excavation of the foothills for yet another residential development, they were quite shallow and the effect on our multi-level home was that of a truck slamming into its façade. Jumpy, tense, frightened, edgy—so many adjectives to describe our state of being.

It was to Mother Earth, to nature, that I fled—discovering solace in her damp spring soil. Touching timelessness in her body, listening to the songs of birds, the humming of bees, inhaling surrender in the loveliness of lilacs and roses. Nature trusted that all would be well because creation was in the care of its Creator. Today, when those smaller emotional or spiritual earthquakes disrupt my well-being, it’s in the garden or walking the dogs along the river that I find harmony, as well as the source of my own creative energy.

Mockingbird utters
songs of trust that have no words—
earth’s sweet harmony.

Please join us at dVerse for Haibun Monday where we are sharing those things that give us serenity.

the two faces of change



the two faces of change
an etheree

in the tree outside my window, blue jays
lug twigs up to a high leafy branch,
build a nest for their little ones,
feather-lined avian hope
that autumn flashes, blue
would surprise with orange-
bright canopies.
so much change,
some de-

i hoped for
(promised myself)
that dreams would always
stay on course, would be sure.
i built my castle in sand
forgot that wind could destroy it.
alone once more, i waited for fate.
colors flashed in the trees, but i saw naught.

I’m tending the poetry pub today at dVerse, challenging you with the Etheree Form. I do hope you will stop by, learn more about this fun shape form, give it a try and share with us! The prompt opens at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. 

the marriage of earth and heaven–dVerse Quadrille Monday


Image: Mellisa Amico

Image: Mellisa Amico

the marriage of earth and heaven

conjoined by ropes of low-lying clouds
azure skies caress smooth green cheeks
of rolling hills.

i dream once more of aqua kisses,
taste summer spice.

stop! listen to rustling leaves.
warm winds carve swaths in trees
for night stars to peek through at midnight.

Our hostess for dVerse Quadrille Monday is Grace and we all would love to see your poem of exactly 44 words, using the word, GREEN. Wide open opportunity–jump on in.

Enclosure–dVerse Poetics


a Sonnet for Linda

I stand in darkness looking out the door.
Dim lights reflect in puddles on the street.
The night is young, but fear comes to the fore-
front of my soul as I admit defeat.

Imprisoned in my heart, I flee what waits
beyond the boundaries of this world I know—
imagining those things my mind creates—
(the pain) rejected oft’ so long ago.

To taste despair, so hopeless to move on,
I turn away, drink silently of fate
and pray for morn to bring a gentle dawn—
my garden, flowers, trees inside my gate.

Perhaps someone will come when I am dead,
scatter my ashes in that world I fled.

With Lillian as hostess for dVerse Poetics, we are writing about doors. I searched my photo archives and this photo of our front door made me think of someone I loved much who suffered from agoraphobia for years. When she died, the family released white doves. I trust she is free at last.

The doors to the pub open at 3:00 PM EST. I hope this prompt will open those creative doors for you.

Spring Saunters In–dVerse Monday Haibun

Photo: V. Slotto a path, a block from us, that gives access to the river walk

Photo: V. Slotto
a path, a block from us, that gives access to the river walk

Spring Saunters In
a Haibun

Four days of gentle, much desired rain and today the clouds part, allowing sun and fresh air to decant the earth. Our world is swathed in green—the new leaves unfurling on the ash and maple trees, the grass, growing so quickly you can hear it if you’re quiet enough. Flowers open their buds to drink deeply of rain drops still nestling in folds of colors: pink, purple, yellow—especially yellow.

At last, we set out for a walk, two anxious dogs eager to catch up on the neighborhood smells. We don’t hurry, rather stop to survey our surroundings, chatting about our own plans for the garden. Annuals and veggies, started from seed, wait for planting in the raised bed, soon to be roto-tilled, or the flower garden, already burgeoning with perennials. Along the road, dandelions dot yards with splats of color.

The breeze pushes cotton-ball clouds to the East, though west of us a few dark clouds still hover on the snow-capped Sierra Nevada. At last, water courses through the Truckee River, where last year only a trickle flowed out of Tahoe. We return home to Stellar Jays vying for a place at our feeder.

oriole returns,
flaunts orange against cobalt sky
spring walks in, he soars

Bjorn hosts Haibun Monday today and the theme is Walking. We would love to have you join us. The doors to the Pub open at 1500 EST.

Photo: D. Slotto

Photo: D. Slotto

Star Jasmine–Prompt Nights

Nothing is more memorable than Scent-thus we are prompted by Sanaa at Prompt Nights. I’ve been remiss in participating in this lovely poet’s weekly events but this week, I would like to share an older poem, from 2012:

Photo: Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, May 2006 NikonD70s MicroNikkor 60mm Labeled for noncommercial reuse.

Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, May 2006
NikonD70s MicroNikkor 60mm
Labeled for noncommercial reuse.

Star Jasmine

They say that fragrance and memory
stroll hand-in-hand
into the past.

I rediscover innocence
on a California evening
in the desert.

This delicate flower has an unforgettable, heady fragrance. We have two plants in the desert, where they thrive. We tried desperately to grow them here but they are not enamored of freezing temperatures. They bring to mind vivid memories of growing up in Southern California.

Thank you, Sanaa, for the lovely prompts.