dVerse Quadrille–Alternative Poetry

Photo: V. Slotto
English Peas

Alternative Poetry

Our garden is my poem
and my prayer.
I wander through bright colors,
aroma-filled joy.
For now, my pen, abandoned,
lies in wait.
I hurry to the one
needing my care,
and leave behind lavender-
scented air.
Love blooms this moment,
here or there.

Photo: V. Slotto

Today I am guest-hosting for dVerse Quadrille. The word for this prompt is GARDEN, reflecting one of the joys of summer. In August, the harvest begins to reach its peak. Farmers and backyard growers rejoice in the fruits (and veggies and flowers) of their labor. I hope to see many of you at the pub, sipping and sharing your word-gardens. Victoria

Coming of Age–dVerse Quadrille

Coming of Age
a Haibun/Quadrille

Outside my office tree house, the once-huge robin’s nest seems crowded, small. Three growing babies fluff their wings, itching to fly, it seems. But still, they cuddle to mother’s soft sunset-red breast.

ready to be free,
still gaping beaks, huddling close,
teenage robins wait

Linked to dVerse Quadrille Monday. The word to include is itch. The poem, excluding title, calls for exactly 44 words. I am getting nothing done these days watching this wondrous process of nesting, birthing, nurturing and, soon, fledging.

Happy Anniversary, 7 years, to dVerse. It’s been a great ride.

the marriage of earth and heaven–dVerse Quadrille Monday


Image: Mellisa Amico

Image: Mellisa Amico

the marriage of earth and heaven

conjoined by ropes of low-lying clouds
azure skies caress smooth green cheeks
of rolling hills.

i dream once more of aqua kisses,
taste summer spice.

stop! listen to rustling leaves.
warm winds carve swaths in trees
for night stars to peek through at midnight.

Our hostess for dVerse Quadrille Monday is Grace and we all would love to see your poem of exactly 44 words, using the word, GREEN. Wide open opportunity–jump on in.