The Loveliness of Faith–dVerse Quadrille

Public Domain

Public Domain

The Loveliness of Faith

You sigh.
I hear the scent
of more to come,
touch the promise
in your ghostly whisper—
only a wisp of grace,
so like the fragrant rose
outside your window.
Take my hand.
Lead me where you will,
beloved one.
I have no fear.

Linked to dVerse Quadrille where we write a poem of exactly 44 words and, for this prompt, include the word ghost.

adult coloring is all the rage

adult coloring is all the rage

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Labeled for non-commercial reuse

when you rainbow me
red me, read me

when you paint me
green me, grow me

when you ade me
yellow me, drink me

when you hurt me
blue me, cry me

then i dream you
find you, taste you
rainbow you too.

For dVerse Open Link Night, with a nod to Lillian’s prompt for Poetics–verbification.

Waiting at the Side of the Pond–dVerse Haibun

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Photo: donjd2 on Flickr
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Waiting at the Side of the Pond

I watch as he waits for death–his white body crouched over, shoulders hunched, still as the death he is about to impose. Of a sudden, he springs from his crouch, snatches his prey and soars on high, a flash of silver squirming in his beak.

Not long ago, I also watched for death—not the kind I would inflict, but one that would afflict me. And so did a friend across the pond, the big one. And, now, one across the continent. Its coming is inevitable, whether anticipated with hope or dread. It is inevitable.

early morning watch
egret fleeing winter climes
feeds on silver hope

Today is Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets and the theme is waiting. Hope to see you there.

Ordinary Days

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

An Anything-but-Ordinary Day

At last the skies have opened
pouring rain upon the thirsty earth.
Desert sands, parched and waiting
oh so long(ing) tremble

And it’s another ordinary day.

trembling planet full of fear
lies shivering beneath the threat
of such extremist hatred, waits
for peace to soothe her wretched want

And it’s another ordinary day.

Surprise! This morning nature sent
a flock of wood ducks to our pond
mingling with their mallard hosts,
white heads bobbing up and down as one.

And it’s another ordinary day.

I shy these days from news,
from such contentious falderal.
See how they mingle on the lake—
these ducks—ignore details that divide.

And it’s another ordinary day.

You turn to me, desire in your eyes,
that smile that thrilled me many years ago.
I take your offered hand in mine again,
remembering those words–and still I do.

So, thank you for this ordinary day.

I hosting today at dVerse with a prompt for poetry that uses repetition. Hope you will join me.

canticle of waning light

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto

canticle of waning light
a quadrille

whisper me now a lullaby
and hold me close in mystic
arms of memory

whisper me songs
of yesterday
when dreams throbbed
promises, danced
with love beneath the stars

whisper me peace
‘neath setting sun
and grace shall linger
in the gloom
of night.

Please join us at dVerse Poets’ Pub where we are enjoying Quadrille’s–poetry of exactly 44 words. This week’s word that must be included in the poem is WHISPER. The pub doors open Monday at 3:00 PM EST. De Jackson is our hostess and she pours a mean poem.

Summer Fading, 1948




Summer Fading, 1948

Photo: Randy Robertson Labeled for non-commercial reuse

Photo: Randy Robertson
Labeled for non-commercial reuse

The leaves of my pepper tree tickle me as the gnarly bark scrapes the back of my legs. I take a leave and crush it, inhaling the pungent fragrance evokes a sense comfort in me. Red berries, peppercorns, hang in clusters. What better place for a 5 year old to consider all those important things that occupy her life.

Moments later, Mama beckons to me from the back door. I scurry down the tree with conflicting feelings of regret and anticipation and slam the screen door behind me. “Take your sweater, Vicki, it will be cool when you come home.” I grab it off the dining room chair and sprint down the hill, across the dirt road to Stewie’s house where, on his 12” black and white TV, Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent has just joined his buddies.

setting summer sun
slips gently behind our hill
peace-filled memory

Happy to have Lady Nyo hosting this week for dVerse Haibun. Please join us. 

after a desert rain–dVerse Quadrille

after a desert rain

drab colors come alive
vibrant yellow silver
shimmering sand

clouds hang low
over mountain tops
wisps of mist curl
in crevices of rocky heights

I swoosh through water
puddled on the highway
watch hawk swoop low
searching for basking prey

sun peeks through

A very late entry for dVerse Quadrille Monday–44 words using the word curl.