Blind Date–dVerse Poetics

Blind Date–Haiku

Photo Credit: Alex Jordan via Flickr

Photo Credit: Alex Jordan via Flickr
Pirates of the Caribbean: Disneyland, Anaheim, California

Caribbean ride,
sabers drawn, those pirates lunge,
teen villain on me.

Drawing on a teenage memory of my very own villain. Growing up in Southern California when the original Disneyland opened, I once accepted the offer of a blind date. In one of the tunnel rides, the creep was all over me. Can’t remember his name or the ride, just the look on my parents’ face, and their laughing when I came home all disheveled.

If you haven’t been over to dVerse yet, Mary is asking us to write Disney characters. So join us for Fantasy, Adventure and some California Living.


21 thoughts on “Blind Date–dVerse Poetics

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Wish I could say I don’t know what that’s like.

    The poem is well done.

    I am enjoying revisiting your recent posts, Victoria. I haven’t had much time for comments lately. 😦 Who knew retirement could be so busy. How did we get everything done when we were working full-time?


  2. Loved it! The last line pulled it all together with the title. You are so clever, my talented friend!


  3. grapeling says:

    Ok, I deleted my initial response in the interest of polity. 🙂 What a creep – but he did give you a good poem as a parting gift. ~ M


  4. Myrna says:

    I guess every woman can relate to this experience. Good thing here – you’re the heroine in your story – the princess who saved herself.


  5. tigerbrite says:

    It was asking for it really:) I remember one such ride. I never made another….


  6. kaykuala says:

    Boys are expected to play the ‘creeps’ given half a chance. What with all the dark to his advantage! Nicely Victoria!



  7. Dulce says:

    I can so relate to experiences like this- shame


  8. Dulce says:

    I can relate to this type of experience— shame


  9. Creepy boys in such a ride.. Probably seemed like the ride was way too long..


  10. Rallentanda says:

    I’m with the parents…laughing too!

    a sweet demure girl
    enters the tunnel of love


  11. Marya says:

    What a creep! Sorry your parents laughed at you. Did make for a nice haiku, though.


  12. I remember my first experience of a somewhat similar nature. I haven’t any older sisters or brothers, but have two slightly older male cousins (on my Italian side) who were happy to step in and go have a little “talk” with the guy! No blood was shed nor lives lost, but needless to say, was nice to know they had my back!! Glad you survived, unscathed but for the horribly unpleasant memory. Great capture in few words, Victoria!


  13. Boys? Yuck. Haha.

    This form gets the story told in so few words but sure says plenty. I’m not a parent but I’m not sure I’d have been laughing but then maybe I’m biased 🙂


  14. Miriam E. says:

    oh geeze, Victoria! hope you told the creep to get lost…


  15. Yikes!! He was a villain!


  16. Grace says:

    Yikes on those villain memories ~ I would have swiped at him honestly ~ Smiles & Hugs ~


  17. claudia says:

    smiles…you know, i were just staying about 10 minutes from disney in anaheim but never made it there…smiling about that blind date experience.. oy.. too many exciting things together maybe..


  18. Mary says:

    Ha ha, Victoria. Glad that your parents were SMILING. (Not sure mine would have been…tee hee.) Oh those tunnels could be quite something for sure!! Some day I would like to see Disneyland & see how it compares to Disneyworld!


  19. brian miller says:

    ah if only the pirates would have defended your honor a bit from the creep…ack…at least you escaped somewhat unscathed…i hope…

    i used to love that ride…the one on this coast had a large drop at the end if it is the same one…


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