Things–Monday Meanderings

This past week to ten days have been consumed with clearing out the kitchen in the desert in preparation for some renovation, packing up for our return to Reno (yesterday) and, today, unpacking and doing loads and loads of laundry. I can’t help but reflect upon the enormous amount of energy spent on “things”—too many things.

The place in the desert belonged to my parents. My mother, as a child of the Great Depression, was loath to unload. I tend toward minimalism, I suppose, except for clothes( as I’ve learned over the past few days.)



This experience can’t but cause me to reflect on a few things:

• What are my responsibilities toward those who don’t have even enough?
• Do I remember to express gratitude for what I do have?
• How can I share with others? (I have been able to off-load a lot to a local charity, but what can I do beyond that?)
• Do I prioritize what is most important to me in life—freedom, the love of family?
• And, considering those things I value, how do I spend my time?

I’ve returned home now. The two-day drive up the Eastern Sierra never fails to inspire poetry. I’m looking forward to resuming writing and to participating in the blogs that mean so much to me.

Our time in the desert was way too busy. I didn’t move forward but an inch on my writing and publishing goals. Such is the myth of retirement. Don’t count on having a lot of time—and I hope when it’s your turn to retire, you don’t. I wish for you a life that’s full and active and rich with love and fun!

We left summer for winter. Reno has been in a drought so, of course, we return to a scattering of snow and hail…go figure! The weeds in the garden are up to my hips (not an exaggeration); I can’t wait to tackle them, though.

Have a wonderful week, doing what makes you and those you love happy. For my part, I don’t expect to be bored.


5 thoughts on “Things–Monday Meanderings

  1. lynndiane says:

    Welcome back to winter, Victoria! We had heavy rain and hail Sunday night…predicting frost here in NW Iowa tomorrow, brrrr! Love the laundry pic…so having more time in retirement is a MYTH?!?!?!?


  2. I definitely agree with you.. 13 years ago we moved to a house, and we filled it completely with things from our one-bedroom apartment.. but it turned out we had more space.. and especially clothes have been multiplying…


  3. That image made me laugh, because that is what my ironing pile looks like. Thanks for making me think though about those that aren’t as fortunate as us. I recently took a load of items to goodwill but I’m sure there is more that can go.


  4. brian miller says:

    ha. nice introspection…and i often reflect on those that do not have enough…having been there myself…i think we do have a responsibility and it takes different forms…we do as we can….i am almost done with the laundry monster…


  5. Poor you – all those weeds and that laundry! Don’t rush at it – take it steadily. Writing can wait until it forces itself upon you – which it will doo in its own good time. Then you can let the ironing and weeds stew for a bit……


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