Saturday Garden–dVerse Open Link Night

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto

We work in the yard
morning to eve. Savoring,
touching, smelling spring.


Earth, moist and ready
welcomes her lover’s caress,
encloses his seed.

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Vegetable seedlings,
started inside months ago,
finally at home.

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Colorful roses,
flagrantly fragrant perfume,
tantalizes, tempts.


The Holiday’s past,
thoughts of young lives lost in war—
memories linger.

7-12-13 002

Resting on the deck,
we enjoy a gentle breeze
and one another.

May this explain why I’m so late at showing up at the pub with my “photo-haiku montage” for Open Link Night, hosted by Mary. There’s still time. Stop by, read and add a poem of your own! 

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22 thoughts on “Saturday Garden–dVerse Open Link Night

  1. hypercryptical says:

    Words as beautiful as your garden Victoria.
    Anna :o]

  2. kaykuala says:

    Beautiful pics Victoria! How wonderful it is to be friends with Mother earth. It’s a luxury a privilege in fact. Obviously it complements your golfing enthusiasm! Great take!


  3. Gabriella says:

    A great series of both photos and haiku, Victoria. The closing lines work wonderfully well.

  4. Thank you for taking us in a walk of your garden… I really enjoy walking beside you as you showed it…

  5. vivchook says:

    The haiku are very pretty, & the photos marry well with them. I Love how you’ve paid homage to the Fallen, in this series about rebirth. Nicely done. – OneVoicePoetry, per Vivienne (1 of the 6)

  6. vivchook says:

    The haiku are very pretty, & marry well with the photos. I like how you paid homage to the fallen, within this series about rebirth. Nicely done. – OneVoicePoetry, per Vivienne. (one of the six)

  7. […] wrote the poem I posted for Saturday’s dVerse Open Link Night after a day in the garden, accompanied by perfect […]

  8. A lovely bouquet of haiku and flowers. Thank you for giving it to us when you must be aching for a bit of a feet-up.

  9. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    I enjoyed your “garden of verses”.

  10. Pamela says:

    I would be late as well, Victioria. This is lovely writing accompanied with the pics.

    Pamela ox

  11. Sweet. Beautiful set of haiku and photographs. :-)

  12. Great job! Both at the garden and with the photo-haiku. :)

  13. Mary says:

    What a beautiful series, Victoria. Loved the haiku and the photos. All the young lost in war have been in my mind a lot lately. When we enjoy holidays we always need to keep them in mind. Glad you made it to Open Link, Victoria. I always enjoy your work.

  14. claudia says:

    i like the nod to those who served in the war – and how beautiful it is after a long day in the garden to sit down in the breeze and just enjoy the moment and the done work..

  15. Grace says:

    Such a lovely garden ~ I can appreciate that a lot of hard work went into it ~

  16. brian miller says:

    smiles..i am glad that after all the work in the garden that you were able to enjoy one another as well….smiles…sounds like you’ve had a nice weekend…

  17. Bryan Ens says:

    The pictures were as much a part of the poetry as the words. Lovely!

  18. Ah! Gardening… there’s nothing quite as soothing :)

  19. ManicDdaily says:

    Sounds like you’ve been busy in best of ways! And lovely poems too. k.

  20. lynndiane says:

    Beautiful flowers and words, Victoria…enjoyed my walk thru your garden :)

  21. Sherry Marr says:

    What a beautiful day and evening you had! Yay!

  22. Sabra Bowers says:

    Glad you made it. Enjoyed your photography and poetry

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