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The First Time

Photo: Wikipedia Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse

Photo: Wikipedia
Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse

The first time that I witnessed birth,
saw the crowning of the head,
that shock of thick black hair,
heard the melded cries of mother
and her son, the pain and ecstasy
in resounding dissonance,
the joy and fear and victory
of shattered boundaries—
that first time I beheld the
mystery of newborn life
I shuddered in the face of Awe.

The first time that I prayed in silence
without words or thoughts and stood
like Moses by the burning bush
that would not be destroyed and
offered (to the One who is and was
and will be) all that I have been and
am and shall become without limit
that first time I embraced
the mystery of the divine
I shuddered in the face of God.

The first time that I tasted love,
sought urgently to touch and hold,
looked into eyes that knew
my secret sacred spaces,
longed to please before receiving
pleasure, lost track of time, luxuriated
in the scent of passion,
that first time I received the mystery
of you, of all we could become,
I shuddered in the face of Bliss.

The first time I attended death
and held an old man’s icy hand and
looked into his eyes that saw beyond
me, wiped a brow expressing
nuances of sorrow and of joy,
the scope of everything we can imagine,
that first time I received a dying breath
and closed those eyes
I shuddered in the face of the Unknown.

I apologize for re-posting a poem that has been around before, written originally in 2010, but it fits Kelly’s prompt for dVerse Poetics, right down to the title, and I confess it is one of my favorites, because of its significance in my own life. Those of you who’ve been around, please don’t feel compelled to comment–but there are so many newbies at dVerse, I wanted to offer it again.

19 thoughts on “The First Time–dVerse Poetic

  1. Going back through memory lane can be most satisfying. More so when it is a peek at what life really is and one was there to witness!



  2. Mish says:

    I am SO glad you posted this powerful poem, Victoria as I had not seen it before. There is a sense of surrender in every “first”, a willingness to learn, accept, believe and fully “feel” every aspect of each experience. Beautifully written.


  3. Misky says:

    This is spectacular. The wisdom. Love. Surprise. Amazement. and the sorrow. Balanced, just like a well-lived life.


  4. lynn__ says:

    I had not read this before…epic! I think it is one of my favorites because of the powerful themes. Glad you shared it, Victoria


  5. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Four points on the compass, the great wheel of life, or four legs on a creature of spirit, of soul, with blurred edges & rainbow auras. An incredible poem, V., & one even I had not read before. I began hanging around the pub in 2012, Each stanza does stand alone, but is expertly weaved one to the other.


  6. whimsygizmo says:

    Ohhhhh. From birth to death. How beautiful, Victoria.


  7. This is amazing… the way each step is a different aspect of life… and all those wonders that it means.. Yes this was so much worth repeating.


  8. ladynyo says:

    No apologies! How beautiful. Every stanza can stand alone and in beauty. I have never seen a live birth, and your picture on top was a revelation. This is poetry at its best in my estimation: it went deep and my heart responded like nothing else I have read lately. Victoria, this poem fits the prompt but goes so far beyond that. Thank you for posting this.



  9. I am without words, having just read this poem. Perfect.


  10. Nola Quinn says:

    Each stanza is a complete poem on its own.
    Together they stand apart from all else.


  11. This is so beautiful. There is a spirituality to it, and a humility in the face of life and its miracles. This is one of those poems that feels like it has been around for ever. (In a good way…)


  12. I am so glad you are offering this again because I had not seen it before. Such a poetic journey through life’s firsts and mirrors from birth to death, from awe to the unknown. Beautifully written Victoria.


  13. kim881 says:

    No need for apologies – some of us didn’t have the pleasure of reading this fabulous poem the first time around – an amazing walk through life!


  14. Sue says:

    An excellent progression of firsts, brilliant write…I loved each stanza


  15. Scott says:

    That is in your face life.


  16. Love this. Wow. What a journey this poem takes the reader through. Well done.


  17. Grace says:

    I love each stanza, each experience an awe-inspiring one. And that ending one, is just superb, shuddering in the face of the unknown. I hope you will include this in the collection Victoria ~


  18. kelly says:

    I love the progression through the oh-so-important and mostly unavoidable firsts… The circle of life with a full spectrum of emotion.
    And I’m glad you brought this back, it definitely reads like a classic.


  19. Uttley says:

    Salient! The wisdom of this progression… What a mature voice you have.


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