Grieving–dVerse Quadrille #36


I’m so caught up in flicker-
flashes of your presence, though
I can’t see you. I find you cached
in photos, letters, a memory.

You journals suck me into the rip-
tide of your life, drown me in joy,
sadness–wishing I’d been there.

A second poem for Grace’s Flicker Prompt at dVerse Haibun #36. Please join us.

Photo: David Slotto
My mother’s 90th birthday party. She died 4 days before her 96th, the end of last year.


25 thoughts on “Grieving–dVerse Quadrille #36

  1. Olga says:

    Wonderful photo of your mother before she passed. ❤


  2. Smitha V says:

    It’s a beautiful memorial for your mother. I lost mine 11 years ago when she was 52 and I still feel its just the other day.

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  3. A lovely tribute, Victoria.


  4. flicker-flash is such a good turn of phrase in the context of your write.Superb piece.


  5. colorfulpen says:

    I like the line breaks of flicker-flashes and rip-tide, too. Although they may be gone, the memories of them are ever present. Very moving write.


  6. Janice says:

    Very moving Victoria


  7. lillian says:

    This is beautiful. The flicker of memories is the flicker of their lives, returning at sights and sounds and scents — in their handwriting on a treasured card you’ve slipped into an old book, that falls out from the pages many years later. This is a beautiful poem.

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  8. lynn__ says:

    Yes, those “flicker-flashes” of a mother’s presence…still present. Now I think I’ll cry.

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  9. Sumana Roy says:

    Yes only memories remains…very moving.

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  10. I can relate to the feeling of memories and nostalgia, even loss.

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  11. Waltermarks says:

    It’s hard when no one appreciates the journals. She lived such a long life, probably very fruitful too


  12. ghostmmnc says:

    I feel the same flicker of memories when I go through the things my parents left behind. Memories are a good thing, as our loved ones still feel close. ❤


  13. Aurora says:

    I love the way you broke after the hyphens. So effective.

    This is a deeply touching poem. I hope you’ll write more about her.


  14. hypercryptical says:

    Your beautiful words brought an image of my mum to my mind and thoughts of the joy she brought to my life. Loss never quite leaves…
    Anna :o]


  15. Grace says:

    This is very moving to read Victoria ~ Love the word breaks of flicker-flashes and rip-tide. Thank you for your enduring support of our community.


  16. Our memories of our loved ones do flicker and remain with us.. your words tug directly at the heart, Victoria.


  17. How wonderful you have her journals. I’ve been keeping journals for several years, and I hope my descendants take the time to read them. Your poem is eloquent.


    • I’ve kept journals most every morning since the 70’s. It’s such a good tool for sanity and for prayer, at least for me. I have begun to destroy the really old ones. No kids to leave them to and the dogs can’t read.


  18. Love to you. Sorry for your loss. Jane is right- somehow it never goes away, my mum was 64 and I still keep telling her that it was inappropriate to die so young…sometimes I will see the back of someone in the street and think it is her.., very poignant poem. XXXXX


  19. We saw the same meaning in the prompt word, Victoria. So poignant. You were lucky to keep her until she was 96. I lost my mother when she was 69 and still haven’t got over the shock of it.


  20. The sorrow will never leave us with those flicker of memories will they?


  21. Sue says:

    Oh, brilliant write, Victoria…the flicker-flashes of the departed person’s presence, and “cached in photos, letters, a memory” all of which have the power to catch us, vulnerable…..


  22. frankhubeny says:

    Memories seem to flicker and pop out of nowhere. Nice memorial to your mother.


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