April Desert


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April Desert

The scent of flowering citrus trees
overpowers pungent Lantana
beneath the window sill.

A mockingbird rules
from his perch on the chimney,
fills the air with
sacred song.

Palm trees relinquish fronds,
accede to winds
blowing from the West,
bow graciously.

At home, in the Sierra,
a layer of snow
swathes the budding

I lean against the knotted bark
of my ancient pepper tree,
crush its fruit,
taste the warmth of Spring.

37 thoughts on “April Desert

  1. bendedspoon says:

    I can smell the citrus…love it! 🙂


  2. SiNA says:

    none but the presence of spring 🙂


  3. theberrygirl says:

    gorgeous personofication, excellent writing!
    i feel like it may need a more lively title though. . .
    wonderful piece!


  4. Olivia says:

    That’s an enchanting one about spring!
    Something sweet’s in the air.. xoxox


  5. stacylynnmar says:

    Such a lovely poem. My favorite part is the stanza about the hummingbird, so realistic it brings you into the atmosphere. Thank you for sharing!



  6. The reason I like spring very much is because summer is coming shortly after … it’s very nice to get into te spirit of this season, lovely poem Victoria!


  7. ayala says:

    Lovely..I can smell and taste it!


  8. tigerbrite says:

    This is Spain in the spring. We don’t have mocking birds, but we do have nightingales at the moment and soon there will be hopoos.


  9. Ahhhhh, California?

    I remember the one time I drove through the Sierra Nevadas, that Bozz Skaggs “High Sierra” came on the radio and it was one of the freaking most magical times in my life. It was actually the first time for us hearing the song.

    Still today when I see a Sierra Pale Ale label a smile warms my heart.


  10. barbara says:

    Beautiful images of spring in the Sierra…thank you..bkm


  11. Hope says:

    ah…spring. vividly pictured from your masterfully written words.
    thank you!


  12. brian says:

    great textures to this..reminds me of the years we spent living in tampa…we had an orange, lime and banana trees…ah the smells…


  13. I love the sensual nature of this poem along with the vibrant Spring themes.

    Being a bird lover the Mockingbird made me smile especially wide. THANK YOU!


  14. Claudia says:

    yes – i can taste and smell it..beautiful victoria


  15. The season which almost always tickles a poetic disposition, prompting the sleeping buds of verses to come to light and life and here’s one of them. Springtime brings fresh hopes , so does this poem of yours:-)


  16. Timoteo says:

    So gorgeous I can taste it !


  17. ladynimue says:

    your nature poems bring so much freshness to my days 🙂


  18. Alive aLwaYs says:

    descriptive and lovely.


  19. Another poem oozing with amazing imagery! Thank you! xx


  20. The Fool says:

    Beautiful. You have created an entire sensory experience for the eyes, nose and ears with words.


  21. Jamie Dedes says:

    Another wonderful pic and poem. Nicely done. I was there right with. Could even test the pepper. I like that it reminds of the promise of spring. That’s so good …


  22. honeyhaiku says:

    A heady portrait of spring. You took me there!


  23. thingy says:

    Aaah, gorgeous. : )


  24. trisha says:

    fabulous, just fabulous victoria, you created a lovely garden in this poem.


  25. genebrother says:

    Thank you for the voyage.
    I felt I was there.



  26. luna15 says:

    awesome! 🙂


  27. Wonderful imagery! Loved: “A mockingbird rules
    from his perch on the chimney” Good work! 😀


  28. Martin H says:

    Love the idea of the air being filled with sacred song.

    Poetry24 – News is the Muse


  29. I love this! I was there, watching. I could see you from here!


  30. Beautiful imagery. Elegant writing


  31. Becca Givens says:

    Divinely written ~~ thank you for sharing!


  32. Bodhirose says:

    Very similar to the spring here in the south–minus the snow–just beautiful. My favorite time of year.


  33. yelena m. says:

    Victoria, this is absolutely fascinating…I wish I was there to behold such a beauty. The scent of spring is in the air 🙂


  34. Jingle says:

    super beautiful…

    Happy Mothers Day to you and your mom….


  35. Gigi Ann says:

    Very lovely poem. I am tasting the warmth of Spring today.


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