Two Twenty-Six

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Two twenty-six
(a new moon night)
I stumble to the kitchen.

My flashlight plays
on unfamiliar surfaces,
creates images,

suggests invasion
by artifacts
unknown to me.

I fumble for the kettle.
Blue flames explode,
lick seductively.

Steeping chamomile
shares soothing
sleep-inducing scents

while I peek through
the blinds.
On the cul-de-sac

behind us
a street light spills
across the pavement.

Aside from that
the world lolls
in darkest stillness.

Alone, I sip my tea.
I sip solitude.

Thank you Claudia, at dVerse Meeting the Bar, for the prompt to write a poem in the manner of the Impressionistic Artists. Quick brush strokes, the play of light, and mood…move over Monet.Β  I hope you will join usΒ at the Poetry Pub and bring along your own masterpiece.

34 thoughts on “Two Twenty-Six

  1. Kristina says:

    I think you did this well. I like the little flashes of description you give.


  2. ds says:

    Light and mood. In abundance. Beautiful, thank you.


  3. zongrik says:

    i like how all the different bits and pieces of the evening fit perfectly into the mood you set



  4. You always end your poems with such a gentle punch: “I sip solitude.” That, my friend, is inspired!


  5. Rallentanda says:

    The best time of day when all the world is quiet. Inspirational forces at work.Reflecting, sipping tea listening to that inner voice.


  6. kaykuala says:

    Being alone can be most rewarding! Solitude is a moment of stillness for inspiration. It can result in good productivity! Great write Victoria!



  7. Laurie Kolp says:

    There’s nothing like the feeling of aloneness in the middle of the night when you’re awake and it seems the whole world sleeps. Lovely capture.


  8. Emotion and image as one


  9. As a lover of tea and new moons viewed from quiet kitchens, this ticks all the boxes for me – feels very sensory and calm.


  10. Ravenblack says:

    The mood is perfect. Subtle goodness. I love the quietness of light, the street lamps and empty streets. Like this very very much!


  11. dani says:

    absolutely perfect response to the prompt!


  12. Dick Jones says:

    An atmospheric conjuring of insomnia in the small hours. A powerful last line.


  13. vivinfrance says:

    Impressionism is the perfect way to show us this kind of ‘out of the mainstream’ moment, and you have achieved a wonderful poem.


  14. Claudia says:

    sipping solitude…love this victoria and so cool that you found the time to write..even though in the middle of the night…smiles.. i picture you like a painter, sitting in the half dark with the oil tubes next to you and capture not only what you see but what you feel as well


  15. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Victoria, really well painted lines, love the progression throughout, really a fine illustration of the impressionist style here.


  16. Mohana says:

    i sip solitude…as lovely, and calm as it could be. loved your impression πŸ™‚


  17. janehewey says:

    yum. you paint the scene with soft color and vivid light. impressionistic in all senses.


  18. Bodhirose says:

    Well it seems we’re having a similar experience in the middle of the night, Victoria. I know I have some chamomile tea here somewhere… Loved your impressions.


  19. siggiofmaine says:

    Like this very much…well done ! “I sip solitude.”…wonderful triade of words.
    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


  20. Susan says:

    Your uniqueness glows through this poem in what and how you see: “suggests invasion” and “Blue flames explode, / lick seductively.” and
    “Steeping chamomile
    shares soothing
    sleep-inducing scents” and the spill of light and
    “Aside from that
    the world lolls
    in darkest stillness.”

    I guess I just felt refreshed by the entire poem.


  21. Margaret says:

    I sip solitude. That is lovely. With six kids, I long for solitude.


  22. Mama Zen says:

    I adore the mood of this! Delicate, dark, and almost dreamy.


  23. A work in chiaroscuro – lights, shadow, solitude and a cup of tea. It has such a cosmic feel. I sense the universe in your cup.


  24. Sheila says:

    you used lighting magnificently in this, Victoria. The varying lights, their actions and intensities was so lovely to read. BTW, I finished Winter is Past this week. Enjoyed it so much. I like the author interview as well… Didn’t realize you were a nun for 28 years! (smiles)


  25. hedgewitch says:

    Solitude can be a very refreshing beverage. I love the mood here, and the images are all vivid, appealing to all the senses, not just the eyes. Possibly my favorite line is the flashlight, revealing “…invasion/by artifacts/unknown to me…”
    Like the Cuisineart! ;_)


  26. brian miller says:

    in one sense that is a very peaceful moment, alone before the world awakes…but it can def be surreal before i get that cut of coffee….love the brilliant flame jumping to life in the dark and licking seductively at the pot…and that you included the scent as well…really nice victoria…


  27. Mary says:

    Victoria….ah, a sleepless night. 2:26. I’ve been there too….chamomile tea seems a good solution, possibly sleep inducing, but at least it is something to do besides lie awake at such an hour. And yes, the whole world is dark and still; so peaceful, but it would be nice to be asleep. A beautifull impressionistic capture!


  28. Ahh…nice capture, Victoria. How quiet the street at that time, how “loud” the simplest of moves and “bright” the things we take for granted during the day, like the flames from the stove burner. I love the quiet solitude of that hour of the night!


  29. yoga-adan says:

    “I fumble for the kettle.
    Blue flames explode,
    lick seductively” –

    that and, as daydreamertoo pointed out, the touch of the time : “Two twenty-six” –

    and i thought “I sip solitude” sealed the late night waking in a way i could really see it πŸ˜‰

    nice, victoria, thank you πŸ˜‰


  30. Jerry says:

    I raise my glass to sip solitude with you.


  31. shanyns says:

    This is an amazing write, it is so finely crafted.


  32. I love the precise stroke of the clock (Brush stroke pun intended) two twenty six … this whole poem has a lightness to it even though it’s halfway through the night. I love that the:
    shares soothing
    sleep-inducing scents,. also you alone, sip solitude.
    A gorgeous write Victoria.
    You must have solved whatever the problem with Chrome was, I’m not getting that message anymore πŸ™‚


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