Of Celebrations–Monday Meanderings

At this time of the year, introspection tends to creep in. Like the bears which have been visiting our neighborhood in search of food recently in preparation for hibernation, I find that winter invites those of us attuned to seasonal changes, to go within—to hibernate spiritually.

Photo: contenttime.com

Photo: contenttime.com

This week, in the United States, we will join as families and friends to give thanks for the fruits of the harvest, for the many blessings we share. This marks, for us, the end of autumn.

Immediately after, we pick up the pace of our lives preparing for the holidays. It can get crazy. We strive to overcome darkness by turning toward the light. Worldwide, many do the same. Here, in the western hemisphere, Chanakkuh, Christmas and Kwanza festivities pepper the months of December. Each of these incorporates some celebration of light.

In my family, it is Christmas that will take center stage. Because Thanksgiving, which always occurs on the 4th Thursday of November, is so late this year, my husband is outside as we speak, putting lights on the front of our house. Over the last few days, I decorated the Christmas tree and set up our Nativity scene—a reminder of what it is we celebrate at Christmas…the coming of Light into chaotic darkness.

Photo Credit: David Slotto

Photo Credit: David Slotto

As we ease into the madness of the all-too-commercial aspects of Christmas, I find it even more important to make time for reflection, to write, to seek a bit of solitude. For this to happen, I need to make the effort, to create sacred space. I confess that it is a huge effort for me, as I suspect for many of you with creative dispositions.

I wish all of you Happy Thanksgiving—even if you don’t mark the day as we do in this country. If we make each day a day of gratitude, I truly believe the world will be a better place, a happier place.

Perhaps you would share one or two things for which you are most grateful. For my part, right up there near the top are each of you, for the time you take to enrich my life through your blogs, comments and/or friendship.

Photo Credit: vidaorganicimages.com

Photo Credit: vidaorganicimages.com

6 thoughts on “Of Celebrations–Monday Meanderings

  1. I couldn’t choose ~I seem to relish, revels both since I stick to the simplicity of their messages ~ maybe because of my condition and my faith. I rejoice in Him, I’m very content. Wonderful post Victoria ~ Happy Thanksgiving season ~ Faithfully Debbie


  2. brian miller says:

    ha. we had similar thoughts today…thanksgiving is my fav of the two because it does not come with the same expectations you know…a time just to chill…i am thankful most for friends and family….


  3. Susan Chast says:

    I echo the sentiments above. This Thanksgiving is also Hanukkah this year, a holiday my family holds dear. Though many of us no longer practice Judaism, the stories, gatherings and Lights of this holiday are precious. Light all around helps us see our way through the darkest times and the hibernating times when we consider our blessings.


  4. scillagrace says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, appreciation, gratitude, and peace to you, Victoria!


  5. Mary says:

    Beautiful post. I would mention being thankful for family, faith, health, and each day do living….


  6. Morgan says:

    Wonderful Post. Im thankful that the Almighty has blessed me so richly, with close family, dear friends, a marvelous purpose and a gift to use in fulfilling that purpose. God is Good!


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