Dancing, Music, Dreams

Florence Fountain Image: Wikiart

Florence Fountain–Boboli Gardens
Image: Wikiart

Dancing, Music, Dreams

I’ll wait for you there—
you know the place—
the one where we met in my dream.

The warm summer night,
the chant of moonlight,
the music, the dance and our dreams.

Alone in the darkness,
alone in the crowd,
together we play with our words.

Image: yorkvision.uk.com

Image: yorkvision.uk.com

You take off your mask
so that I see your soul,
touch beauty and pain in this dream.

Community grows
as we celebrate now—
embracing the magic of poetic dreams.

Image: Wikipedia Commons Erato, Muse of Poetry

Image: Wikipedia Commons
Erato, Muse of Poetry

Written for the Ball at dVerse where we celebrate the third anniversary of our poetry community. Be sure to stop by and meet the guest of honor: Poetry. The gates to the garden open Thursday, 3:00 PM EDT.

Farewell, 2013

Leaves of our trees gave way to bitter cold winds that stripped bare their branches.

A gentle turn of the page—calendars relinquish another year.

Photo: 123rf.com

Photo: 123rf.com


Alan Ginsberg developed a form he called the American Sentence. Using the structure of the haiku as a basis, the poem is built as a single sentence, employing seventeen syllables.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE WILD, WILD WEST. MANY GOOD THINGS TO YOU IN 2014. Thank you all for making 2013 a creative, poetic year. Victoria

Photo: Bob937.com

Photo: Bob937.com

Celebrate Today: Big Tent Poetry

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on the Beach d...

Image by mikebaird via Flickr

Submitted to Big Tent Poetry:

Celebrate Today
A Sardoma

every day of life,
every breath,
rising sun
kisses blushing earth with bronze—
daily gift of Light.

As a former hospice nurse I’m so aware that every day we are alive is worthy of celebration! Sorry, couldn’t get into a cynical frame of mind. Today is beautiful…tomorrow it’s supposed to be “nasty” according to the weatherman.

Darkness is Only a Degree of Light

A flame from a burning candle

Image via Wikipedia


Darkness is Only a Degree of Light






When the year is at its nadir
and darkness overtakes
the light, someone,
lights a

The flame eases into your
consciousness and
you understand
that we were
to see.

Welcome all the children of
Earth. Revel in your need
to join in celebration.
Now’s the moment
to set the world
on fire.

Celebrate Today

2010_May21-29 614 Golden Sunrise

Image by jjjj56cp via Flickr

Celebrate Today
A Shardoma

Written as a Shardoma, an unrhymed syllabic poem: 3/5/3/3/7/5
Submitted to Jingle’s Poetry Potluck: http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/ 


every day of life,

every breath.

Rising sun

kisses blushing earth with bronze—

daily gift of Light.


Fireworks #1

Image by Camera Slayer via Flickr

Submitted to Lady Nimue’s Months-of-the-Year Challenge:  http://ladynimue.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/challenge1-months-of-the-year-challenge 


Celebrate summer with
vibrant colors,
stormy gray clouds
or fireworks falling
from a dark sky like rain.