Old Love–One Shot Wednesday

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday: http://oneshotpoetry.blogspot.com/  Thanking my husband, David, for 20 years 1/19/91-1/19/11

Old Love

The Love that’s tinged
by Eros
is easier to write,
to live and
to imagine:
the silken touch
of water—
cool caresses in a Lake—
a kiss that tastes
of wine
and sweat.
Subtle sounds of
breath, and
pounding pulses
and images that linger
in the darkness of
a new-moon night.

But as the days grow old
and we, along with them,
winter shadows
cannot overwhelm
enduring Love.
You probe the
memory of
a day gone by
and stroke
a shriveled hand.
Then Spring breaks through
in songs of mockingbirds.

42 thoughts on “Old Love–One Shot Wednesday

  1. Shashi says:

    Ahh!!! the spring breaks through.. Mocking bird.. loved this one.. thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay


  2. Beautiful…. sweet… I feel inspired after reading this.


  3. Bodhirose says:

    Forgot to say congratulations to you and your husband. I wish you both happiness.


  4. Bodhirose says:

    True love that endures through the years is very beautiful and perhaps rare. Thanks for portraying it so wonderfully, Victoria.


  5. Jingle says:

    hope that you have a lovely Thursday.


  6. nan says:

    Happy Anniversary of a special union. Lovely, loving poem!


  7. trisha says:

    it tasted like heaven victoria. beautiful, sweet and languid.


  8. Kavita says:

    Always evolving, ever rekindling, never dying, never flinching – that’s love indeed! And you have put it so beautifully here, Victoria!!
    Kudos on this fine One Shot!!

    And a very happy anniversary to you and David, my friend!! May you enjoy each other’s company for a looooooooooooooong time to come…



  9. booguloo says:

    Stop the presses at every dictionary publisher.. The definition for a love poem Has been replaced.


  10. Victoria, this is just lovely. Congratulations on your 20th. Wonderful. Hugs and best wishes.

    We were married for 20 years too. Eight for me. Five for him. And seven for us. 🙂


  11. oh, i love this… love the bit about the hand, and the mockingbirds. absolutely tender and beautiful. thanks so much for stopping by my place the other day.


  12. signed .............bkm says:

    Lovely romantic write on lasting love…very nice…bkm


  13. Artswebshow says:

    This is brilliant.
    And clearly a very intimate poem.
    I read in a comment above about how an enduring relationship takes work and compromise.
    My parents have been married for 33 years and my dad says exactly the same thing


  14. poetrydiary says:

    This is such a touching poem – you are lucky to have felt this breadth and depth of love and thank you for sharing a little of it.


  15. pamela says:

    Happy anniversary Victoria! My husband and I will be together 15 years this June. Your words say so well, how it is to be with someone you trust and love.


  16. Natasha Head says:

    If anything…this gives me hope and the belief that love can survive and endure. Powerful, meaningful, and much appreciated. A compelling write that was much enjoyed. Bravo!


  17. souldipper says:

    One would certainly have to have experienced seasoned love to be able to write so well about it.


  18. Perfectly lovely…so glad I found you through One Shot 🙂


  19. robert says:

    Love this very much.

    “You probe the
    memory of
    a day gone by
    and stroke
    a shriveled hand.”

    nice piece.


  20. Old Ollie says:

    Well crafted – thanks for the kind words.


  21. thoughtsnotlost says:

    Love over time. Well done!


  22. tommy 2wolvz says:

    beautiful !!!


  23. barb says:

    Happy Anniversary! My husband and I have also endured – 44 years. This line: “Spring breaks through/in songs of mockingbirds” touches my heart. A wonderful tribute to your years together.


  24. Hildred says:

    Lovely, – and I speak with experience of love that endures, the kind that shadows do not overcome. I wish you and your husband much happiness now and in the years to come.


  25. connetta says:

    What a powerful poem. The emotion can’t be hidden, you said it well.


  26. brian says:

    love that endures…there is definitely something to be said of that constant companion…wing mockingbird…nice one shot…


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