SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge–Waiting

Fagus sylvatica seedling

Image via Wikipedia

Submitted to SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge:  Today’s theme is solitude.

Alone in dank soil
a tiny seedling gestates,
waits, bursts into bloom.

14 thoughts on “SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge–Waiting

  1. … just like us! 🙂 Well done.


  2. Sumit Sarkar says:

    very unique…
    and you have done a brilliant job 🙂


  3. Victoria, this is a special Solitude..

    Someone is Special


  4. Becca Givens says:

    Utter delightful take on Solitude – positive and uplifting with hope in sight! Thank you! becca 🙂


  5. Jingle says:

    Glad to see spring in sight.

    solitude is over.


  6. Mike Patrick says:

    Aw, so lovely, and you are true to the nature theme of haiku.


  7. vivinfrance says:

    Lovely image and well-thought haiku. Thank you.


  8. ladynimue says:

    a hopeful touch to solitude .. i liked this 🙂


  9. trisha says:

    simply divine victoria! just loved it.

    thats the best utilization of solitude.



  10. souldipper says:

    So the miracle goes! Hopefully we’ll have some solid signs of spring over the next month. I have friends coming for a visit and I would like to have tulips and daffy bouquets from my garden.


  11. Bodhirose says:

    Amazing what those solitary little seedlings can produce! A great reminder.


  12. Oh, I love the word dank, what a great word choice! Lovely haiku.

    I want to thank you, you were just my 55,000th visitor to my blog! Thanks so much. Pretty cool. 🙂


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