Monday Morning Writing Prompt–The Month of May

never enough magnolias

Image by greenhem via Flickr

The time of the year can set the tone for poetry or fiction. In some cases it can even act as a character. May has characteristics that are unique to different parts of our world. For this week’s prompt, write a poem that tells us something about May where YOU live, or a short story that you set in the month of May. If there are cultural events that take place this month, you might want to share something about them. Try to give your reader an experience of May.

Please leave a link featuring your work in the comments section of this post. This prompt is open indefinitely. I want it to be fun, not stress-filled and would like to have others join in and share your work.

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Writing Prompt–The Month of May

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  2. souldipper says:

    I wanted to make sure you saw my congrats to you on Jamie’s Musing By Moonlight. Victoria, I concur 100% – you share your gifts in so many ways. Thank you.


  3. Tino says:

    Lovely prompt to work with today. My submission,


  4. jgavinallan says:

    I do love this blog. It is so uplifting. The flower reminds me of when I was a child.

    love your posts



  5. Here, I have something about the month of May, I hope it fits the prompt, Happy days Victoria!


  6. Jamie Dedes says:

    Writing keyed to the month or season. Fun! Lovely photo you selected here. Never heard of that flower before .. or seen as far as I know. Thanks! 🙂


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