thirteen ways of looking at shoes

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thirteen ways of looking at shoes

shoes carry the world’s burdens.
in our time
few decisions that affect us all
are made by barefoot people.

some people are like shoes.
you put them on
they fit
you smile.

other people, like shoes,
can press you
hurt you
make you whimper.

it’s not wise
to purchase shoes
on the Internet.
try them on first.
same with people.

some people
have many pairs of shoes.
others, only a few.
what’s important
is that they give you comfort.
friends are like that, too.

as people age
they look for comfort
in a pair of shoes
and in their mate.

when shoes wear out
on the inside
they are useless.
you should throw them away
even if, on the outside
they look fine.
when people wear out
on the outside
too often we throw them away
even though, on the inside,
they are beautiful.

old people
may not wear
sexy shoes.
that doesn’t mean
they are not
on the prowl.

people wear
different kinds of shoes
for different kinds of activities.
if you try to run
in 5” heels
you will fall.
if you try to tango
in steel-toed boots
you will step
on your partner.
resilience is a key indicator
of success.

shoes come in all colors
and sizes:
diversity offers more choices.
that’s a good thing.

if your shoes are too big
you may stumble.
if you are too big for your shoes
you will crash.

shoes have their own
stories to tell.
they protect us
on our journey through life.
choose them with care.

don’t be afraid
to go barefoot
from time-to-time.
your shoes won’t mind.
touch Earth Mother
honor her
with your gratitude.

Inspired by Brian Miller’s prompt at dVerse Poets’ Pub: after a style developed by Wallace Stevens.

12 thoughts on “thirteen ways of looking at shoes

  1. zongrik says:

    i like how you come full circle, starting with the world, ending with mother earth, which of course is the world in the first place


  2. klrs09 says:

    That was fantastic! VIII was my favorite.


  3. dragonkatet says:

    Fabulous take on the prompt! I am still writing mine. :-/ I love the metaphors in this, they are so apt. Like Jamie, I think I like ii the best, but there are so many gems in this it is hard to choose.


  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    This is quintessentially you, Victoria! Wonderful! I think I like the second best. The sentiment is dear. Thank you! Another goodie …


  5. Heaven says:

    thanks for your visit in my blog…unfortunately, I didn’t paint my icon picture ~


  6. souldipper says:

    A delightful analogy…so fitting! Not a sole word was wasted – mother tongue and life tied together seamlessly. No stitches show. 🙂

    Sometimes I cannot help myself, Victoria. A departed uncle – who was the head of the Psychology Department at Simon Fraser University – and I used to try to outdo each other with puns throughout our visits. We simply could not resist. We brought it out in each other. He died and I miss our corniness. It shows.


  7. Heaven says:

    i love the life’s lessons and wisdom shared thru shoes ~

    i laugh on your take about old people on the prowl…ha..ha…

    happy sunday… best day to go barefoot…. 😉


  8. brian miller says:

    ha. i like the fun wisdom in xi…these are really nice victoria…i also go barefoot often…


  9. jgavinallan says:

    xiii—most of my life I was barefoot…its really not that bad…
    vii—is so true…unfortunately…sad but true


  10. mish says:

    Victoria , I think that this is an amazing post ! I will look at shoes through a new pair of eyes …


  11. Bodhirose says:

    I love this so much!


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