October Waning

Autumn Night Light

October Waning

Early morning sun kisses the foothills
with hues of bronze and purple.
You descend the staircase.
I wait for your touch to heal my wounds.

As always, you gloss over my sadness,
take me in your arms as though I were a doll
abandoned by a child in a corner of the room.
Your love restores my hope for the moment.

At noon we wander in a field of pumpkin gourds.
Among a bed of drooping roses one stands tall.
You slice its stem with your pocket knife,
inhale its fragrance then hand it to me.

When evening comes we sit together on the porch,
extract the last ray of light from day’s end.
You hook your arm in mine
and lead me gently back into the night.

I am posting this in response to yesterday’s Monday Morning Writing Prompt (on this blog) and also linking it to dVerse Open Link Night at http://dversepoets.com  If you haven’t stopped by this wonderful poetry community to imbibe of great poetry and good friendship, I suggest you hustle on over and serve up something of your own. OLN opens for your enjoyment Tuesday 3 PM EDT.


41 thoughts on “October Waning

  1. danroberson says:

    Your words have a beauty and flow all of their own, like watching rose petals drift down a stream. My stories and poems seem clumsy after the richness of yours. Love your poem.


  2. rmp says:

    breathtakingly beautiful. you tugged at my emotions and enveloped me in the gentleness of you words. lovely!


  3. Bodhirose says:

    We all need someone who we can feel safe and secure with–beautifully done, Victoria.


  4. Beautiful intimate moment captured so well! Tender poetry!


  5. Jim Magruder says:

    Warm imagery. Fluid. Well done.


  6. “xtract the last ray of light from day’s end.” I adore this image!


  7. Morning says:

    seasonal and tasty,

    love the imagery, smile at Fall,
    get tall.



  8. claudia says:

    oh so tenderly and colorful painted…this silent and trustful walk together through this beautiful time of the year…made me sigh victoria…


  9. Jamie Dedes says:

    Nicely done. The second stanza is particularly moving. Rends the heart.


  10. such a wonderful poem and your closing stanza is excellent


  11. ayala says:

    This is a delight 🙂


  12. Steve King says:

    The seasonal images are a great backdrop to the emotional intimacy. There doesn’t seem to be anything in between your meanings and the reader. A very immediate an direct impact from this. I enjoyed it a great deal.


  13. That’s a love song of the ages. Makes me tristesse – I thought my husband and I would grow old together. Sadly we didn’t have that opportunity. So life takes other tracks. But I know this tender feeling gives you calm and solace.


  14. Lovely usage of words. A pleasure to read…

    a song, this is?


  15. jenneandrews says:

    I love the intimacy and immediacy– and honesty– of this poem. And it is gently yet masterfully executed. Brava! xxxj http://parolavivace.blogspot.com


  16. Kim Nelson says:

    A beautiful testimony of the healing balm, the light, that a loving relationship shines into a darkened soul.


  17. mairmusic says:

    the mixed messages in this are chilling– waiting doesn’t always give an answer.


  18. Beth says:

    You’ve captured the softer, healing side of fall beautifully. Well done.



  19. leah says:

    That was lovely, that i can describe how much I liked this. Amazing work.


  20. I did not even realize I want following you! 😦 I thought I was this whole time 😦 I am now though for sure! Good to run into you again! Hugs!


  21. Adura Ojo says:

    Beautiful and poignant too.

    “You descend the staircase.
    I wait for your touch to heal my wounds.”

    There is a sense of warmth as well as a sadness…


  22. This is gorgeous. And love the photo, too.


  23. So lovely, gentle, even if it is just fiction, it gives a lovely glow and feeling of comfort to it.


  24. brian says:

    nice..this is lovely…this is my favorite time of year and you paint it gently…nice textures to this as well…i would sit on the porch and take that arm myself…smiles.


  25. Pat Hatt says:

    Such a lovely write here today, great verse you gave her at your way.


  26. Shadiatique says:

    This is SO beautiful. Very romantic verses and yet very sad.
    I love every word in this piece.

    Thank you


  27. ladynimue says:

    take me in your arms as though I were a doll
    abandoned by a child in a corner of the room.

    loved these lines …


  28. Sharmishtha says:

    amazing poem victoria, so beautiful and tender.


  29. klrs09 says:

    Exactly. How Fall feels.


  30. wolfsrosebud says:

    This is beautiful… what a wonderful day. Wishing you many more.


  31. planaquarium says:



  32. vivinfrance says:

    Victoria, you have written a poignant evoction of Aumn laced together with love. Beautiful, an engaging take on what could have been a corny subject.


  33. Ravenblack says:

    Subtle actions effectively conveying love and compassion. It has a spiritual feel to it as well. Enjoyed reading this very much.


  34. Bill says:

    I love the way this one opens up to reveal the emptiness: how the beauty shared has to replace the beauty not shared. Without a connection, it’s hard to know what is missed. Nicely done!


  35. Reflections says:

    Love the tender nuances of a wonderful moment shared with the one we love. Knowing how to make us smile, knowing how to touch deep within the soul, tendering the heart with gentle hands. Beautiful write.


  36. Where does her sadness come from? What a lovely October day…… Something is deeper here, and I long for her to stop and smell that rose too…..


  37. Big Al says:

    Now that’s romantic, lovely verse.


  38. siggiofmaine says:

    This poem is a vision in words..thank you. Love it.
    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine


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