is there not a correlation between the fragile and the beautiful?

Photo: Family Memory Book--V. Slotto

Photo: Family Memory Book–V. Slotto

when i hear the sound of pouring tea
i remember her—
the beauty of a love well-lived
cached ‘neath cascades of wrinkle lines
and scars.

i think of loss and hope
held close within the pages
of a musty mem’ry book,

of yellowed linen
edged with lace
that smells of lavender

of all that might have been
if not for war.

Posted for dVerse Poetics where we are asked to write of beauty beyond the physical.


29 thoughts on “is there not a correlation between the fragile and the beautiful?

  1. zongrik says:

    that reminds me of my grandmother because she was all about tea. I know this wasn’t about your grandmother, but it makes me think “Tea and Grandmas, they go together. ooooo”

    The Befuddled Flatulent Blogger


  2. Abhra says:

    You define beauty, Victoria – you bring so much richness into life. Those memories – no matter how often we remember them, won’t be enough.


  3. kaykuala h says:

    Conflicts can be an unwanted spoiler to the natural beauty that one expects to see! Very true Victoria!



  4. Yes, they are connected…… So often beauty is more fragile than we like to imagine.


  5. wolfsrosebud says:

    sweet memories of beauty… so many tucked away as time passes… you made me like of my mom… hope your husband is doing better


  6. Thank you, Victoria, for reviving my own memories.


  7. Pictures of old.. love lost new.. in emotions of old.. that feel love.. the souls of loved ones.. do live on.. in eyes of photos.. in eyes of now.. where love grows on.. in light.. of passed eyes..:)


  8. Albatross-x says:

    Beautiful, and really tugs at the heart.


  9. lynn__ says:

    This is exquisite, Victoria…the beauty remembered, the wonder of beauty missed.


  10. kanzensakura says:

    This reminds me of the handkerchief of my grandmother’s I carried when I married and of my father’s signet ring on my right hand. Those memories that thankfully, was and not what might have been. wonderful write.


  11. Just lovely, Victoria. So many stories of what could have been – again, the fragility of life.


  12. Susan says:

    Wow. I had an Uncle like this–one who died at 21 so I never met him (nor he me)–but I know a few things from his memory book–field snakes and sweetness to animals.


  13. ayala says:

    This is beautiful, Victoria. War takes away so much and I know it had from you. xo


  14. Truedessa says:

    I loved the voice in this poem. The third stanza really reached out to me as memories are kept in that lace and the smell still lingers of lavender. It leaves the question ..what would’ve been?


  15. Lerene Forte says:

    Ohhh, Victoria–this is so gorgeous.


  16. Truly a powerful poem. This piece is very heart-felt and I feel the emotion. A very well written poem.


  17. Bryan Ens says:

    oh those last two lines were hard hitting! Lovely write, Victoria…and so much beauty in the potential of what MIGHT have been too!


  18. Grace says:

    If not for war, I am sure love would have been present until the very end ~ Beautiful share Victoria ~


  19. peggygoetz says:

    Some of the saddest words for sure, “If not for…” Beautiful write.


  20. Beautiful and poignant, I loved this.


  21. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Having never met my father, I am no stranger to the wistful realm of imagined beauty, where the heart fills in the blanks. The touching & tender piece makes me reach for the invisible family albums that only I can see.


  22. Very poignant. Seeing beyond regrets to what was beautiful. Peace, Linda


  23. kelly says:

    but even beneath that fragility, there is a strength that carries on. this is just lovely.


  24. claudia says:

    oh heck… that is tough when war gets in the way of love.. so sad to think of what could have been


  25. Sherry Marr says:

    Oh, now this is a very beautiful thing – what might have been, if not for war. You have captured the poignancy so well in the things that evoke earlier times – and in the beautiful photo.


  26. The love and memories.. that’s what make things beautiful.. yet the final line is what really tied it all together for me.. the beauty is what never happened…


  27. This piece is resplendent with fragrances, sensations, even sounds (of the gentle pouring tea). Yes, delicate things are, indeed, beautiful. This poem is written with a delicate touch and is beautiful. 🙂


  28. billgncs says:

    all that might have been… beauty is ephemeral indeed.


  29. Mary says:

    This is just beautiful, Victoria. I will assume that is a photo of your father. Thankfully those ‘memory books’ exist…and the memories….but yes, war changes so much, brings losses, and hopes come to a screeching halt in so many young lives.


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