Lauds–Poetic Bloomings, Day 2

The theme for Poetic Bloomings, Day 2, is smiles of a summer night. I trust that, though is was morning here when this came to mind, it was night somewhere. So, I turn the world upside down.

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto


earth greets summer morning
sun with a smile
i fall into their embrace
kiss dappled shadows
dancing with the climbing rose

oriole sips nectar
you reach to take my hand
all the while buried
in the sports page

i sing heart-praise
sip coffee

Desert Sunrise–17 X 7

Today at dVerse Poetics, Brian Miller invites us to embrace anarchy and break the rules of form poetry. I chosen to play with a hybrid of Haiku and the American Sentence by writing 7 17-syllable 2-line stanzas that flow from one another, on a connected topic. I love the brevity of the original form, so why not knit them together?!


Desert Sunrise

Circling slowly, egret rises—
greeting morning sun’s awakening.

Helios smiles on him, backlights his dance
with the silver glow of grace.

Bird lands beside a quiet pond,
drinking in the stillness of placid waters,

wraps his wings around his body like a shroud—
a hooded monk in prayer.

Sun splashes desert rose
upon the canvas of the Santa Rosa’s

casting deep shadows on her creviced face,
pouring into our valley

I know that at day’s end, when darkness falls,
some wait for morning in vain.



Morning Prayer

Photo: Ingrid Taylor

Photo: Ingrid Taylor

Morning Prayer
American Sentences

Shadows tumble slowly into mountain crevasses, welcoming dawn.
Dandelions play ring-around-the rosie, rivaling the sunrise.
An egret sits in stillness at the edge of velvet water, waiting.

An old lady plods out to her driveway to retrieve the daily news–
Silver hair, disheveled, highlights grinning eyes, welcomes another day.
The dogs roll with abandonment in dew-covered grass, sharing her bliss.

I head homeward, planning my day, as though there will be no surprises.

Written for dVerse Poets Open Link Night where poetry and friendship abound. Check us out and, if you like, bring a poem of your own.


Photo: Sunrise in the California Desert

Jingle’s Poetry Rally–“Sunrise on a Plane”

Sunrise (on the way from Gothenburg to Copenhagen)

Image via Wikipedia

Sunrise on a Plane

At earth’s black edge
an artist applies a wash of
orange—wet on wet,
teases color from the center,
adds more water then
works in a pale shade
of blue.

Submitted to Jingle’s Poetry Rally Week 32